Trump EPA Sends Letter Trolling California’s Ban on Gas-Powered Cars

On September 28, 2020, Andrew Wheeler, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency issued the letter below to California Governor, Gavin Newsom, regarding his executive order eliminating the sale of gasoline and diesel powered cars in the state by 2035.

The letter informs the Governor that California no longer has the authority to create it’s own greenhouse gas emissions standards, rending these order mute, and it also hilariously points out that California can’t keep the lights on now, so how will it manage to do so when electricity demand is much higher after gasoline powered cars are no longer allowed to sold in the Golden State?

Speaking of letters, if you want to tell Governor Walz that you don’t want California car mandates in Minnesota, sign our petition at More than 5,000 Minnesotans have already made their voices heard, but we want to double that number! Share the link with your friends and family to tell our Governor that we want to live in Minnesota, not Walzifornia!