Twitter account abruptly drops lawsuit against American Experiment

The owner of a Twitter account abruptly dropped her copyright lawsuit against Center of the American Experiment this week after filing it in United States District Court last month. The dismissal came immediately after American Experiment served a Rule 11 brief laying out grounds for recovering its costs from the plaintiff because the lawsuit was frivolous.

The dispute involved the embedding of the @CrimeWatchMpls Twitter feed on a webpage controlled by American Experiment, per Twitter rules.  The Golden Valley-based think tank produced correspondence between their staff and @CrimeWatchMpls owner Shelley Jo Leeson with Leeson thanking American Experiment for embedding her feed and promising to “tag you or message when I post.”

“I’m glad Ms. Leeson came to her senses and dropped this frivolous lawsuit,” said John Hinderaker, President of Center of the American Experiment. “It’s clear she received bad advice from outsiders who didn’t know what they were talking about.”

American Experiment replaced the @CrimeWatchMpls Twitter feed with @SafetyAlertsMN and continues to raise concerns about Minnesota becoming a high crime state for the first time in history at