Vote No on the Blackout Bill – Contact Your Legislator Now

Liberal lawmakers in St. Paul are rushing through an extreme 100% carbon free mandate that will increase electricity bills by an average of $3,888 PER YEAR for each customer and cause deadly blackouts.

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Given the enormous cost and danger associated with this irresponsible policy, it is no surprise that a survey from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources found these regulations are deeply unpopular. In fact, a vast majority, 62% of respondents, said the 100% carbon-free mandate goes too far and only 37% said it is about right or doesn’t go far enough.

The worst part about this situation is that some sources are saying the Minnesota State Senate and House of Representatives want to pass the 100% carbon-free electricity mandate by 2040 with only TWO DAYS of hearings. UPDATE: ​​The Blackout Bill passed the Minnesota House of Representatives Thursday, January 26 and now the bill goes to the Senate!

Legislators are rushing because they don’t want to hear from you! Contact your elected officials now.

These mandates are a massive change to how our electricity is generated, and it requires careful consideration. Fill out the form below and tell your legislator to vote NO on the bill.


Groundbreaking research by American Experiment reveals that Governor Walz’s proposal would cost Minnesota $313 billion through 2050 and lead to blackouts.