Walz rewards teachers’ union with huge spending bill

As Gov. Tim Walz rolled out his education budget for 2023, Center of the American Experiment reminded Minnesotans that there is no correlation between Walz’s favorite solution, more money, and improved academic achievement. In fact, as the following graph shows, test scores for reading and math have fallen precipitously over the last 10 years as funding has skyrocketed.

Statement from Education Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall:

“Gov. Walz knows monetary inputs won’t miraculously produce better results for Minnesota students, but today’s announcement is not about students, it’s about adults. Specifically, putting more money into a broken system without asking for proven reforms will reward the teachers’ union for their support in his reelection campaign at the expense of students.”

The teachers’ union has blocked every major education reform in Minnesota history from charter schools to school choice. American Experiment is highlighting the union’s role in blocking education reform at www.EdMnHurtsProgress.com.

Different challenge, same tired solution for childcare crisis

Gov. Walz proposed the same failed strategy for improving childcare access for Minnesota families: more state money. American Experiment explained how adding more state money to the system actually produces the opposite result — less access. Child Care Crisis: Regulation and the High Cost of Childcare  showed subsidies and other public early childhood education programs raise costs, restrict choice, fail to meet parental preferences, and are often associated with negative outcomes among children that use them.

Statement from American Experiment Economist Martha Njolomole:

“Simply throwing more money at the problem will not fix the childcare crisis. Daycare centers are more expensive in Minnesota compared to most states mainly because of excessive regulation. The crisis is government-made.”