Watch the Presentation that Kicked Off the Edina School Controversy

We started writing about political indoctrination in the Edina public schools during the Summer, but the event that first gained widespread attention in Edina was my presentation to the Senate District 49 BPOU meeting on September 26. The speech was basically a preview of Kathy Kersten’s article in Thinking Minnesota, which came out the following Monday, with a couple of items that were too new to make the magazine article.

Several representatives of the schools attended the meeting. Whether it was because of their reports or for some other reason, misrepresentations about my presentation were spread on Edina social media. (In much the same way, false claims about Kathy’s article were made by people who had never read it.) The people at SD 49 videoed my speech, and they have now uploaded the video to YouTube, so you can watch it for yourself. It is, I think, a good summary of some of the Edina school system’s political excesses, as well as its declining academic standards. Here it is:

And this is the Power Point that accompanied the speech, which you can see on the screen:

Edina Public Schools Presentation