What it means to be Minnesota’s Think Tank

You no doubt have noticed that our website says Center of the American Experiment is “Minnesota’s Think Tank.” We use that phrase a lot–on t-shirts, on the radio, and elsewhere. We aren’t Minneapolis’s think tank, or the Twin Cities’ think tank: we are Minnesota’s think tank.

The Center’s mission is to bring our messages of opportunity, limited government and government accountability to all Minnesotans. Toward that end, we have placed op-eds in 59 Minnesota newspapers so far in 2016. Some of these are familiar, large-circulation papers like the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. But we have also been in newspapers from Worthington to Duluth, from Moose Lake to Renville County. Wherever Minnesotans live, we want to bring our messages to them.

When possible, we deliver our messages in person. This year, we have been in Fergus Falls, Duluth, St. Cloud and Mankato. Earlier this week, we presented a program on Minnesota’s economy to a meeting of Mankato’s Chamber of Commerce, Greater Mankato Growth.


We have similar sessions coming up in Willmar and Rochester, and are planning meetings in Duluth and Hibbing for later this fall.

Radio is another medium that we use to bring our messages to all Minnesotans. Currently, we are running 30-second ads on Minnesota’s economy on 37 radio stations in Greater Minnesota. This is our most recent ad, created just a few days ago:



Next year, we plan to expand our presence in Greater Minnesota even more. We are Minnesota’s think tank, and we want to cover every corner of the state.