What Would a Joe Biden Fracking Ban Look Like? A Series

During the Democrat debate on Sunday, March 15, 2020, between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice-President Joe Biden, Vice-President Biden stated that he would allow “no new fracking,” and touted his role in spending $90 billion on the solar industry as part of the Obama administration’s stimulus package.

While the Biden campaign is reportedly trying to walk back this claim, stating that the former Vice-President misspoke, no one can know for sure what Mr. Biden meant, but we can know a fracking ban would have a devastating impact on the American economy, increase the cost of energy, reduce our national security, and probably increase greenhouse gas emissions.

I detail each of these points, and how they pertain to Minnesota, at the links below (more to come).

Part One: What is Fracking?

Part Two: Devastating Economic Impacts

Part Three: A $3,000 Pain at the Pump for Minnesota Families

Part Four: Holy $1,325 Heating Bill Increase, Batman!

Part Five: A Fracking Ban Would “Make American Dependent Upon Russia and OPEC, Again!”

Part Six: Impossibly Expensive Electricity

Part Seven: Rising Greenhouse Gas Emissions

You can watch the exchange between Mr. Sanders and Mr. Biden below: