Why Enbridge 3 Pipeline Matters to Minnesota

Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) recently took the rare step of speaking on the floor to give an impassioned speech on the vital importance of the Enbridge 3 replacement pipeline project.

The $3 billion project would deliver enormous economic and environmental benefits to the state, particularly in northern counties in need of high-paying jobs and taxes generated by the pipeline. But after three years, Enbridge 3 still remains tied up in regulatory red tape under the Dayton administration.

Daudt makes a strong case for moving forward with a construction project that’s a win-win for Minnesota’s environment and economy.

Unfortunately, Gov. Dayton listens to environmental activists more than the workers, families and communities that strongly support Enbridge 3. Just days ago, Dayton vetoed a bipartisan bill to bypass the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and green light the project immediately.