Why is the Minnesota “Conservative” Energy Forum Intentionally Misleading Conservatives on Energy Issues? A Series

From time to time I write about a group called the Minnesota “Conservative” Energy Forum (MNCEF), which attempts to portray themselves as a voice for conservative ideals in energy policy. Honestly, I would love another voice advocating for the removal of subsidies and mandates for all energy sources in Minnesota, and another organization advocating for busting up government-approved monopolies like Xcel Energy and allowing consumers to have the freedom choose their own electricity provider, but unfortunately, MNCEF is not that voice.

In reality, MNCEF uses conservative-sounding language to peddle liberal environmental policies, like more renewable energy mandates, to lawmakers who would otherwise dismiss these policies out of hand. In essence, the group largely exists to give Republican lawmakers enough plausible deniability to go along with more mandates for unreliable, renewable energy.

Over the next several days I’ll be writing about how MNCEF intentionally misleads conservatives on energy issues in Minnesota. I’ll be discussing how the group is at least partially funded by left-wing environmental interest groups, but more importantly, I’ll be discussing why the policies they advocate for aren’t conservative at all.

Lastly, I’ll be discussing the sleight of hand used in their materials that are meant to intentionally mislead the people they speak with. This dishonest representation of energy issues in Minnesota must be corrected and condemned.

Stay tuned for the latest stories on this topic. This page will serve as a table of contents for future articles and will be updated when new articles are published.

Part 1: Why Do the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum and Fresh Energy *Still* Have the Same Liberal Funders?

Part 2: Why the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum’s “Cleaner and Cheaper” Slogan is A Fraudulent Talking Point

Part 3: Debunking the Minnesota “Conservative” Energy Forum’s “Cleaner and Cheaper” Talking Points: How Clean Are Renewables, Really?

Part 4: Debunking the Minnesota “Conservative” Energy Forum’s Talking Points: Renewables Don’t Strengthen Our National Security, They Weaken It.

Part 5: Iowa Utility Board Proposes Use of Eminent Domain to Force Renewables On Landowners; Phone Conservative “Land and Liberty Coalition” Is Silent.