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  • Switch Light Rail Funding to Highways? Great Idea!

    A group of Minnesota legislators have introduced a resolution that calls on the federal Department of Transportation to divert $929 million in federal funding for light rail transit to pay for roads and bridges. The resolution, if passed, will not be legally binding, but it would express the will of Minnesota’s legislature that any federal tax dollars should pay for road and bridge construction, not light rail. I don’t know whether the resolution will be effective, but the concept is right. The legislature has refused to fund the Southwest Light Rail Transit line, so the Met Council, a rogue agency,...

  • The Liberal Media: Biased, Yes, But Also Incompetent

    Tomorrow’s Star Tribune includes an Associated Press story on “fake news.” There is much that can be said on that topic. Over the last year or two, some fraudulent news sites have appeared. They mimic, say, ABC News, but actually have nothing to do with ABC or any other legitimate outlet. That is illegal, and I would encourage news sites that are so impersonated to file suit. On the other hand, the mainstream media have also published a great many false news stories. This is a much more damaging form of fake news, since far more people are likely to...

  • With Thanks to Michael Novak

    Michael Novak, who died this week of cancer, was most frequently described as a Catholic theologian, a brilliant and influential one, needless to say.  But his scholarly interests, intellectual devotions, and contributions to public service were miles wider and deeper than that.  As wide and deep as his friendships. My colleagues and I were long honored that he was a terrific friend of Center of the American Experiment.  More personally, he was a very good friend of mine and Kathy Kersten. I just learned of his death by watching a short video of Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute...


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  • Coming Soon: Sunday Liquor Sales?

    Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Franzia Friday, Smirnoff Saturday… Minnesotans may soon be able to add, say, Sangria Sunday to the list. Sunday liquor sales have been banned in the state for 82 years, but a vote by the Minnesota House on Monday could repeal the “blue law.” While this is not the first attempt to uncork the historic ban, there is growing confidence among legislators, on both sides of the aisle, that the state is ready for the change. An article published last month by the Pioneer Press and a more recent one from yesterday confirm consumers and retailers...

  • Should David Roe, Minnesota labor leader, be lionized?

    According to the Strib, Roe “helped engineer the DFL gains that resulted in 1972 in full DFL control of the Legislature and the governor’s office for the first time in state history. He was ready with an agenda that soon became law….” Can we treat this as darn good evidence that, as soon as the public sector was captured by unions, that labor leaders like David Roe quickly gained the upper hand over voters and elected officials in setting the agenda for Minnesota?

  • Taxpayer-Funded Library Networks Promote Anti-Trump “Resistance”

    Many of us get nostalgic feelings reminiscing about the libraries of our formative years. But the libraries of today are not necessarily the libraries of our youth. The reality is, as organized entities, they have been largely taken over by the radical left, represented by groups like the American Library Association. The public may still view librarians as sources of information and intellectual enlightenment. But American Library Association President Julie Todaro sees the role of librarians as largely political, particularly in regard to the new administration. To drive home the point, Todaro issued a news release headlined “ALA Opposes New Administration Policies...

  • Kelm-Helgen Out In Backlash Over US Bank Stadium Suites [Updated]

    MPR reports that Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority chair Michele Kelm-Helgen has resigned in the face of a mounting public backlash over luxury suites and other perks at US Bank Stadium. Michele Kelm-Helgen said in a statement that she has become the focus of legislation at the Capitol that seeks to change the governance structure of the stadium authority. The move by lawmakers follows a months long controversy over the authority’s use of suites for family and friends. Kelm-Helgen may have seen the writing on the wall following a hard-hitting hearing on Tuesday before the House Government Operations Committee hearing on...