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Tax policy decisions made in the 2013 legislative session made Minnesota’s estate and gift tax burden among the highest in the country. Due to these gift and estate tax policy decisions, Minnesotans can expect a number of problems to surface. Read the report for the full analysis.
A new CAE report investigates an important question: Does state tax policy motivate people to leave or avoid Minnesota? Analysis of IRS income migration data reveal clear patterns of movement from Minnesota to lower tax states,which strongly suggest that taxes make a difference in where people and their incomes are moving.
A fiscally sound budget process should institutionalize spending restraint, prioritization, performance review, efficiency, accountability, and transparency.
- Katherine Kersten
Apr 14, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Apr 9, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Mar 5, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Feb 27, 2014
Kim Crockett
David Strom
Feb 23, 2014
- David Strom
Feb 21, 2014
- David Strom
Feb 7, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jan 29, 2014
- John Hinderaker
Jan 22, 2014
- Chuck Chalberg
Jan 19, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jan 16, 2014
- King Banaian
Jan 13, 2014
- David Strom
Jan 10, 2014
- Kim Crockett
Jan 9, 2014

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The Metropolitan Council’s “Thrive MSP 2040” Plan: Is It Undemocratic, Grandiose, and Ultimately Destructive?

Will the Met Council’s new 30-year plan—"Thrive MSP 2040"—bring the Twin Cities region greater economic growth and prosperity, as the Council promises? Or will its “smart growth” philosophy have the opposite effect—undercutting prosperity, increasing housing and business costs, and generating greater traffic congestion?

2014 Annual Dinner featuring George Will

Why is George Will so good as well as popular?