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Minnesota’s public employee pension system is broken. The state’s reported unfunded liabilities are estimated by the state to be $17.3 billion. If reasonable economic assumptions are used, the amount is far larger. This is a ticking fiscal time bomb for Minnesota.
Minnesotans want a transportation system that gets them to their destinations quickly and at a reasonable cost. Nearly everyone relies on a car, and on goods being delivered on time. We need to prioritize our transportation dollars to make sure people and goods get where they need to go as quickly and safely as possible.
When it comes to elementary and secondary education in Minnesota and especially the Twin Cities, vouchers represent the single most promising approach for reducing immense achievement gaps between white and many minority students.
The Met Council's long-term plan for the Twin Cities contains numerous assumptions that are little better than myths and fallacies. This paper addresses the most important of these fallacies.
- Randal O'Toole
Jul 4, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jun 30, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jun 30, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jun 30, 2014
- Peter J. Nelson
Jun 5, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
May 27, 2014
- Chuck Chalberg
May 25, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
May 22, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
May 20, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Apr 14, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Apr 9, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Mar 5, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Feb 27, 2014
Kim Crockett
David Strom
Feb 23, 2014

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EXAMINING EDUCATION: Preparing Minnesota students for tomorrow's jobs.

Minnesota's students are not being adequately prepared for 21st century jobs. All Minnesota students deserve the opportunity to choose an education that will put those jobs within their reach.

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