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The people of the Twin Cities have the right to govern their own communities. Social planning by unelected regional bureaucrats who use government power to tell us where to live and how to get around undermines democracy and is hostile to our cherished American traditions of freedom and self-government.
What Minnesota can do to keep Obamacare from putting our system of health care at serious risk: 1. Increase competition and affordability in the health insurance market. 2. Promote the next great innovations in health care. 3. Enhance patient control over their own health care. READ MORE
Understanding the problems with Minnesota’s tax code first requires an understanding of the principles that should guide the state’s tax policy. Sound tax policy should promote three core principles: economic efficiency and growth, equal taxation of equally situated people, and simplicity. These principles generally favor low tax rates levied on a broad tax base.
The foundation beneath Minnesota’s long vaunted reputation as a productive state to grow successful, job-creating businesses is beginning to show cracks that require legislative attention.
- Mitch Pearlstein
Jan 28, 2015
- Erin Mundahl
Jan 26, 2015
- Chuck Chalberg
Jan 14, 2015
- Chuck Chalberg
Dec 17, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Dec 11, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Nov 8, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Oct 31, 2014
- Kim Crockett
Oct 30, 2014
- Andy Brehm
Oct 29, 2014
- Chuck Chalberg
Oct 7, 2014
- Mitch Pearlstein
Sep 29, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Sep 24, 2014
- Katherine Kersten
Sep 22, 2014

2015 Annual Dinner featuring P. J. O'Rourke

Who better to keynote American Experiment’s 2015 Annual Dinner and also help celebrate the Center’s 25th birthday than P. J. O’Rourke?