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  • Why Won’t Xcel Come Clean on Cost of “Clean” Energy?

    The Minnesota Wild season just began their season at the Xcel Energy Center with a couple wins and, as a lead sponsor of the hockey team and arena, viewers of the games were treated to Xcel’s new ad campaign.  One commercial features a gentleman cheerfully delivering “clean renewable energy” to homes in the form of a red box placed at the front door.  In the ad, Xcel cannot help but brag about being the nation’s number one provider of wind energy. Xcel is indeed big on wind and they are going even bigger.  The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MNPUC) just...

  • Personal Care Attendants File Lawsuit and Move to Decertify SEIU 

    Minnesota Personal Care Attendants (MNPCA) are suing the State of Minnesota for undermining its drive to decertify the Service Employees International Union by failing to provide up-to-date lists of PCAs as required, the coalition of home care workers and advocates today announced at a State Capitol press conference. MNPCA needs 30 percent of home care workers statewide to sign a card authorizing an election in order to decertify the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota bargaining unit.   “Right now, we just do not know how big the bargaining unit is because we do not have an accurate list,” said Doug Seaton, an...

  • Higher Property Taxes? Blame Hidden MNsure Costs

    By now most Minnesotans realize the Affordable Care Act has drastically increased the cost of healthcare coverage for many, while at the same time decreasing coverage choices. Governor Mark Dayton has confirmed the worsening prognosis with his admission that “the reality is the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people.” What’s not widely known is that taxpayers are also being gouged for millions of dollars a year on their property tax bills because of ongoing problems with MNsure, the state’s health insurance exchange. This hidden cost is borne by counties to compensate for the inefficiencies...


  • Kim Crockett: Freedom will be short-lived without the Constitution

    I do not disagree with all you (King Banaian) said about the power of trade to do great good. And I recognize that presidents and governors represent us, cutting trade and foreign policy deals around the world. Would it not be a wonderful and sweet irony if Obama’s legacy-making tour ended up transforming Cuba into a little Capitalist powerhouse? A place that baseball players from all over the world moved to, because it had the best baseball teams in the world? Mark Dayton and the DFL gang (Klobuchar, Franken, Ellison et. al.) are doing back flips to normalize relations with Cuba. The Minnesota...

  • King Banaian: Let Cigars and Rum Lead the Way to Freedom for Cuba

    I love when Kim Crockett calls my show, and usually it’s to amplify a point I was making.  I was a bit surprised by her calling while I was doing a segment on Pres. Obama’s policy directive on Friday that allowed, among other things, American citizens to purchase Cuban cigars and rum anywhere in the world and bring them to the U.S.  I celebrate the opening of trade with Cuba; Kim’s concern is with the means of doing so, by administrative fiat rather than by passing a law.  This is a bypass of the Constitution. The promotion of trade with...