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American Experiment Submits 27 Pages of Comments Opposing the California Car Mandates

Last Friday, Center of the American Experiment submitted comments opposing Governor Walz’s attempt to force Minnesota to comply with California’s Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) and Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) car mandates. The comments, which span 27 pages, highlight several reasons why the California mandates are bad news for Minnesota.

Center of the American Experiment recommended that MPCA withdraw both proposed rules from consideration because imposing the California Air Resources Board’s LEV and ZEV regulations would:

• Violate the private property rights of auto dealers across the state to run their businesses in the way they deem most appropriate;

• Increase the cost of gasoline powered vehicles by $2,000 to $2,500 through model year 2025 and reduce passenger safety;

• Force auto dealers to stock electric cars that are not profitable and have limited demand;

• Result in disproportionate negative impacts on low-income and minority communities;

• Not meaningfully reduce emissions of criteria pollutants because Minnesota’s air already meets federal air quality standards;

• Have no measurable impacts on future global temperatures.

You can read American Experiment’s comments in the document below.





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