Anti-Police Thugs Deface American Experiment Billboards, US Bank Stadium and Government Buildings

Within days of the launching of American Experiment’s Support MN Police public  information campaign on behalf of law enforcement, leftist vandals have shown Minnesotans once again that the lawlessness and violence on display during the riots following George Floyd’s death in police custody remain a potent threat in the Twin Cities.

Vandals have spray-painted anti-police and vulgar graffiti on four American Experiment billboards featuring messages of support for Minnesota law enforcement. The Center’s campaign includes a total of 38 billboards throughout the metro area in response to an alarming rise in violent crime and an online petition urging citizens to sign in support of local law enforcement.

The leftist thugs whose criminal actions only underscore the critical importance of American Experiment’s pro-police campaign targeted billboards in high-traffic areas of south Minneapolis, the Midway section of St. Paul, near the University of Minnesota and along I-394. A Clear Channel Outdoor official said the messages on two billboards have been already been restored, while two billboards attacked over the weekend will be replaced with the original messages soon.

It’s not clear if the defaced billboards were connected to a mob of dozens of leftist thugs who used similar tactics to vandalize US Bank Stadium on Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis. The roving band of vandals also spray-painted graffiti on numerous nearby government buildings, including the federal courthouse and several Hennepin County law enforcement facilities.

Yet once again the perpetrators managed to escape arrest by the Minneapolis Police Department, according to the Star Tribune.

The crowd was at the stadium “for a very short duration,” [Minneapolis police spokesman John] Elder said. They went to Elliot Park and had dispersed by the time police arrived, he said.

“This was a group of people being lawless. This wasn’t wanting to effect change, this wasn’t anything other than a group of people wishing to destroy property,” he said Sunday morning.

Our most recent Thinking Minnesota poll confirms that an overwhelming majority of state residents oppose defunding the police and express confidence in them. All the more reason to send a message to lawless leftists and their sympathizers by joining thousands of Minnesotans who’ve signed the pro-law enforcement petition at

UPDATE: The vandalism has continued. Currently, there have been five acts of vandalism. One billboard, at Nicollet and 46th in South Minneapolis, has already been defaced. Here are some more images of the leftists’ work:

“Shoot our police,” along with the Antifa symbol and the hammer and sickle of Communism. So we know who these people are.

They didn’t take any chances with this one:

The people who are trying to prevent the majority of law-abiding citizens from being heard are evil. By their own admission, they are Communists. For the moment, though, the relevant point is that they are criminals. We have offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who are responsible for these crimes.