Auto thefts pass 7,000 year-to-date in Minneapolis

The number stands at 7,094, according to the official City of Minneapolis crime dashboard.

The city blew by the annual record back in September. True, the pace has slowed in recent weeks with the return of colder weather. At one point, a car was stolen, on average, every hour in Minneapolis. Now a car is stolen in Minneapolis, on average, every 65 minutes. On current pace, the city has a fighting chance to pass 8,000 before year’s end.

Auto thefts are almost 2,000 ahead of last year’s rate, year-to-date, and nearly 3,000 ahead of the three-year average.

In fact, crime is up in seven of the eleven categories tracked by the dashboard. Only murders (67 so far this year, vs. 75 last year, and 83 in the three-year average) are noticeably lower.

But we are told that the voters who installed the new socialist-majority city council are looking for a more “nuanced” approach to law enforcement.

What could go wrong?