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Study Confirms Millennial Men are Still Playing Video Games in Their Parents’ Basements

For many years now, adults have been accusing young people of playing too many video games. Kids have snapped back, saying, “It’s my life. I can do what I want with it.” While middle schoolers pulling all-nighters on Fortnite may not be a huge deal, it is a different story now that Millennials are in their 20s and still refuse to put down the controller. A recent study compared how people spent their time in 2004-07 to 2012-15. The findings were quite striking, especially among men aged 21-30. A growing share of young men are spending excessive amounts of time playing...

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Going Tubbing with Barbara Carlson

[Photo Source: Barbara Carlson, Facebook] Barbara Carlson, who died of cancer at age 80 earlier this week, was a friend.  As just about everyone knows, she was routinely wet and wild on the radio.  But what many people might not know or remember is that when it came to complicated and wonky issues she could be an incisive interviewer, as was the case in the mid-1990s when she interviewed my colleague Katherine Kersten about a pivotal and detailed critique she had written (499 footnotes, if I remember correctly) regarding a very bad and counterproductive school desegregation plan.  It was a...

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Today’s Public Libraries: No to Little House on the Prairie but Yes Drag Queens?

According to National Public Radio, “A division of the American Library Association voted unanimously Saturday to strip Laura Ingalls Wilder's name from a major children's literature award over concerns about how the author referred to Native Americans and blacks.” So let me get this straight: public libraries across the country are enthusiastically hosting “drag queen story hours” for small children this summer but they will not recommend Laura Ingalls Wilder to children.  So now librarians are cleansing literature. May I suggest you go out and buy a set of  Little House in the Prairie today in protest? And read it to your children and...

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Sex and the single mind: The origins of #MeToo

A culture hell-bent on separating pleasure from responsibility made #MeToo inevitable, so now should come the reflective part of the reckoning. This Sunday opinion cover commentary originally appeared in the Star Tribune on June 24, 2018. The first waves of sexual-harassment allegations that powered the #MeToo movement are past, but the pressing issues the movement raises will be with us for a long time. The actions of many of the accused men — actors, politicians, businessmen — were reprehensible and caused real misery. But stepping back, what strikes an observer is a puzzling disconnect. Why were these men so furiously denounced — and their...

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Legalized Marijuana is Putting a Generation of Kids at Risk.  Will Minnesota Follow Colorado?

Admittedly I may not be the best person to write about this topic as my personal experience in this area is limited to two thinly-related events in my life.  As a seven-year-old I took one of my grandma’s smokes into the car but couldn’t figure out how to make the non-flame cigarette lighter light the cigarette.  I ended up producing a flame by lighting a Wrigley’s silver gum wrapper and only succeeded in burning my fingers.  In middle school when classmates were starting to chew tobacco, I tried to demonstrate a better, safer way toward full flavor by bringing a...

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Why are public schools feeding students, who are not in school, during the summer?

I am not at all unsympathetic to hungry kids if they have incompetent and/or neglectful parents. But this is not a proper expenditure or activity for any public school. Period. This gives a whole new meaning to in loco parentis. These schools have operational deficits and massive unfunded pension liabilities. Even if you could accept the argument that schools should feed kids year-round, and I do not, we do not have the money. The good news is local charities are involved; it should stop there. ...

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St Paul Schools hire principal with an interesting resume: Misused State Funds, Drunk Driving Arrests

Superintendent Joe Gothard said in an interview that he was unaware of the audit when he picked Dutrieuille as principal of the grades K-8 Hazel Park Preparatory Academy on the East Side. Gothard said he’s since reviewed the audit and has no concerns. Besides the questionable spending, Dutrieuille faced drunk driving charges four times between 1993 and 1999. Gothard said he was unaware of Dutrieuille’s drunk driving arrests....

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