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The Trials of Harvard and Harvard’s Elizabeth Warren

Perhaps the richest irony of Harvard’s admissions policies disfavoring Asians is that they result in preferential admissions for white applicants.  This wasn’t the original intent of affirmative action partisans. Harvard admission rules are currently under dissection in a federal district court in Boston. Of a strange piece, while it was Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s expectation that she has Indian DNA running through her veins, I trust she wasn’t thrilled to learn it hasn’t been replenished for between a half-dozen generations and ten generations.  According to the Wall Street Journal, based on calculations of a distinguished Stanford scientist, this makes the former Harvard...

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Loneliness, Polarization and Them: Why We Hate Each Other—and How to Heal

Yesterday Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska released his second book titled, Them: Why We Hate Each Other and How to Heal. Senator Sasse believes that Americans aren’t getting along so well. That in fact, polarization is so bad that it is leading many to not simply disagree with but actually hate those who are on the other side of the political spectrum. Coming on the heels of the divisive Kavanaugh hearings and as a lead up to the midterm elections, Senator Sasse's timely book release seeks to bring some light to why our political discourse is so poorly fragmented. ...

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“My Abject Apology if This Unsafe Space Has Caused Anybody Fright”

For a variety of academic, professional, and personal reasons, I ponder a lot about “diversity,” though not the kinds saturated in identity politics and victimhood and overflowing in American higher education.  Rather, my kind of diversity is saturated in cuisines from around the world and showcased, on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” every Friday night, just about all night, on the Food Network.  Think of the series as “celebrations of our differences” born of exquisite taste, not sophomoric distaste. When it comes to radio, I resonate to celebrations of differences, writ worldwide, as aired on Classical MPR, 24 hours a day, every...

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Subsidized Film about Ilhan Omar: Liberals are good at capturing tax dollars to advance their agenda.

The film, "Time for Ilhan"  has been playing at festivals in Minneapolis and is playing at the Walker (the 5th district). The filmmaker has contributed cash to Omar's campaign but denies she is advancing Omar's political career. And now taxpayers, too, have contributed about $11,852 to Omar, as well....

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The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine our Culture

One of my most frustrating regrets has to do with a conversation a few years ago with a high-ranking and quite sensible academic administrator. The topic was how a number of students were complaining unreasonably about something and how my administrator friend was unable to make them happy. With a certain exasperation he asked me and a few others, "But what can I tell them?" I forget what tepid thing I said but immediately kicked myself for not saying what I should have said, and have been kicking myself ever since: "Tell them to grow up!" Which leads to p. 58...

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Counterpoint: No numbers, only words, in appraising single-parent households

There is, in fact, quantitative analysis applicable to a recent commentary, but this is an issue that also can (and should) be discussed qualitatively — and with grace.  This Counterpoint originally appeared in the Star Tribune on September 21, 2018. The Star Tribune recently ran a commentary by a Detroit Free Press writer, Nancy Kaffer, titled “What everyone gets wrong about single moms” (Sept. 17). Joining with another writer, Alicia Guevara-Warren, a project director with Kids Count in Michigan, the two make fair points about how quantitative data — such as how many children are growing up with only one parent — can only...

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Study Confirms Millennial Men are Still Playing Video Games in Their Parents’ Basements

For many years now, adults have been accusing young people of playing too many video games. Kids have snapped back, saying, “It’s my life. I can do what I want with it.” While middle schoolers pulling all-nighters on Fortnite may not be a huge deal, it is a different story now that Millennials are in their 20s and still refuse to put down the controller. A recent study compared how people spent their time in 2004-07 to 2012-15. The findings were quite striking, especially among men aged 21-30. A growing share of young men are spending excessive amounts of time playing...

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