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Transgender Toolkit for MN Schools [UPDATE]

The MN Department of Education’s (MDE) School Safety Technical Assistance Council is a week away from approving its controversial transgender and gender nonconforming “resource toolkit.” The initial 29-page document that I wrote about purported to be a compilation of “best practices that schools can use” to address gender identity and focused on a contentious Title IX transgender policy imposed by the Obama administration that is no longer in effect. The second version of “A Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” — now 10 pages in length — still informs schools they “need to ensure”...

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Hugh Hewitt’s spot on advice to the President: Be combative, but not cruel

Hugh Hewitt delivers some excellent advice to Mr. Trump in the wake of his Morning Joe tweet fiasco in today’s Washington Post: Combative, but not cruel, Mr. President.  He argues that most of Trumps tweets and media domination may have the effect of creating valuable space for the agencies to move forward with conservative reforms “without much organized opposition, as the left seems incapable or organizing anything except marches against the president.” Hewitt gives special praise to “domestic policy stars” Tom Price (HHS) and Scott Pruitt (EPA), and Jim Mattis (Defense), John Kelly (Homeland Security), and Mike Pompeo (CIA).  But (back...

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Veterans Restore Lost Grave of MN Civil War Soldier

There won't be any parades, marching bands or fireworks at the abandoned pioneer graveyard in the countryside just south of Montrose. But one of Minnesota's long forgotten defenders of freedom will be remembered for the first time in decades this Independence Day. Thanks to the dedication of the American Legion Charles Claussens Post 305 in Waverly, Civil War veteran Private Ezra M. Stacy will be honored every day for his service to his country. The campaign to retake the overgrown cemetery on a hilltop along Highway 25 was covered by The Drummer. Said John Peterson, “The whole place was overgrown with weeds, brush,...

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Virginia shooting reiterates need for self-defense

This op-ed originally appeared June 24, 2017 in the St. Cloud Times. In addition to giving thanks that only the shooter was killed June 14 in Alexandria, Virginia, I suggest a proper response is devoting more energy than we usually do to thinking seriously, not just about how violent ends can befall any of us anytime, but how we’re more acquiescent about such vulnerabilities than we need be or should be. Politicians, journalists and the rest of the nation continue to speculate in fearful unison about how many members of Congress and other people likely would have been killed if two members of...

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Senator Franken Cancels Appearance with Second Liberal Comedian

Senator Al Franken is having a hard time finding a fellow liberal comedian to appear in public with. The Minnesota senator canceled a guest appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” after Mr. Maher uttered a racial slur on air, "jokingly" referring to himself as a “house n—r.” This is the second comedian friend the self-proclaimed “giant of the senate” has had to distance himself from. Time for some new friends?...

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MN Senator Franken Stands By Kathy Griffin Despite Gory Photo of Beheaded Trump

We all know it to be true: Actions speak louder than words. And Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s decision to stand by Kathy Griffin amid uproar over her controversial actions speaks volumes. Franken condemned Griffin’s photo shoot with a bloodied and decapitated replica of Trump's head — calling it “inappropriate”— but recently told CNN he will still appear with Griffin in July to promote his new book, Al Franken: Giant of the Senate because she apologized and “begged for forgiveness.”...

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Is Truth the First Casualty of Art?

The Walker Art Center has been in the news lately. The Walker has completely redone its sculpture garden, long a favorite haunt of families with children. But the garden's re-opening has been derailed by controversy over a sculpture called "Scaffold," created by California artist Sam Durant. The Star Tribune writes that the sculpture looks like a "wooden jungle gym," but Durant explains that "Scaffold" is meant to evoke various hangings from America's past: [T]he design is actually a composite of the gallows used in seven U.S. government-sanctioned executions, from the 1859 hanging of abolitionist John Brown to the 2006 execution of...

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Transgender Toolkit for MN Schools Based on Controversial Obama Rule

A controversial transgender and gender nonconforming “resource toolkit” drafted by the Minnesota Department of Education’s (MDE) School Safety Technical Assistance Council recently caught the attention of 67 Minnesota legislators. The 29 page document — “Toolkit to Ensure Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” — purports to be a compilation of “best practices that schools can use" to address gender identity. The toolkit is based on a controversial Title IX transgender policy imposed by the Obama administration that is no longer in effect. ...

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Controversial Diversity Signs in Delano Schools Raise Concern

Controversial "diversity" signs posted in Delano Public Schools faced community push back last week. The signs read: "Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space For Everyone." But the concern wasn't over the choice of words. The signs were decorated with a rainbow color scheme commonly linked to the LGBT movement. Some parents feared the rainbow symbology didn't represent or include the viewpoints of all students and risked defeating the original intent of the messaging....

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Target Doubles Down on LGBT Agenda—Lesson Not Learned?

The Minneapolis-based Target Corporation had quite the tumultuous year in 2016. And 2017 isn’t panning out any better. Recent headlines show Target keeps hitting its own bull's-eye with self-destructive policies. The retail giant has been dealing with a huge financial blow-back since it announced its transgender bathroom and changing room policies last spring. Despite backlash against these policies, the company has doubled down in support of the LGBT agenda....

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