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Solar “Gardens” Labeled Solar “Scam” by Economist


Solar power currently provides less than one percent of Minnesota’s total electricity generation. But the push for more solar energy production continues, and utility customers are being heavily encouraged to “invest” in “community solar gardens.” Not everyone is convinced these “gardens” are a bright idea. According to Mark Perry, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, solar gardens are the “latest solar scam.” The solar garden’s contract length, termination clause, and cost-savings claims raise some red flags. Are these “gardens” a bright spot in Minnesota’s energy future, or is the program really just full of weeds?...

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American Energy Will Restore Prosperity, If We Let It

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To be sure, America faces many tough cultural challenges ahead, beginning with fatherless households, failing schools, and violent crime.  But economically and environmentally, the future could be so very bright, especially if we don’t allow liberal fear-mongering to carry the day. You’d think that green activists would be in a better mood after the U.S., in 2012, met its Kyoto CO2 emissions targets proposed in 1997, even though the U.S. never even ratified the treaty.  And energy-related CO2 emissions for the first six months of 2016 were the lowest since 1991, thanks to the amazing technological breakthrough of hydraulic fracturing.  So...

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After being sued for defamation, Greenpeace admits its claims are hyperbole and not factual

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Greenpeace is sure singing a different tune now that they are being held accountable in court for their baseless claims by Resolute, a Canadian forest-products company.  According to Richard Garneau, Resolute’s President and CEO: A funny thing happened when Greenpeace and allies were forced to account for their claims in court. They started changing their tune. Their condemnations of our forestry practices “do not hew to strict literalism or scientific precision,” as they concede in their latest legal filings. Their accusations against Resolute were instead “hyperbole,” “heated rhetoric,” and “non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion” that should not be taken “literally” or expose...

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Renewable Energy Standard Could Be a Blowout


Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith wants 50 percent of Minnesota’s energy to come from renewable sources by 2030. The current renewable energy standards enacted under Governor Pawlenty is “25 percent by 2025” and “30 percent by 2025” for Xcel. But this goal is a shot in the dark. While the recent sunny weather and windy days may have helped keep wind turbines spinning and solar panels glowing, heavy reliance on renewables could leave us groping for the light switch. Wind and solar energy are not reliable, and if the state is hoping to generate half of its energy from these sources, there better...

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Star Tribune common sense and the Gorsuch nomination


Dang if the Star Tribune isn’t surprising the heck out of me with their third reasonable editorial in the span of 11 days.  Perhaps my faithful support as a paperboy and subscriber going back almost 40 years is starting to pay some dividends. First they penned “Take prudent steps to keep protests safe” where they basically agreed with Republican efforts to more effectively deter protesters from shutting down highways sent a vital message that recent protester behavior is unacceptable.  I praised it as a vital step forward toward restoring order and public safety. Then on Wednesday they communicated some important energy truth...

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Key points about the Dakota pipeline you probably never heard


There was a surprisingly amount of energy truth contained in a November Washington Post editorial about the Dakota pipeline protests: How did the out-of-state activists protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline arrive at the North Dakota site? How were the sleeping bags they will use when the high plains winter arrives manufactured and shipped to the stores at which they were purchased? What are the plastics made of in the phones they have been using at Standing Rock, N.D.? The Post spoke truth to passion by explaining that oil is “energy dense and easy to transport” and “[p]ractically nothing modern Americans do — including...

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2016 El Nino Warmth Not Statistically Warmer than 1998 El Nino Year


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just reported that 2016 was the 2nd warmest year on record in the United States.  Former NASA climatologist Roy Spencer’s global satellite dataset of the lower troposphere temperature found the 2016 El Nino year to be a record, but only a statistically insignificant 0.02 degrees C warmer than the last big El Nino year in 1998.  That a slowly warming world would tie a temperature record during an El Nino year is not remarkable or alarming, and everyone expects 2017 to be significantly cooler.  With a cooler 2017 the 18 year warming pause should...

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Climate Change 12: Reasonable Balance is Needed. How Over-Regulation Kills People.


Former NASA climatologist Roy Spencer, who continues to compile and maintain one of the global satellite temperature records, is one of the leading skeptics of climate alarmism.  As with much of his writing at, his recent piece on over-regulation made many important and reasonable points that never seem to be considered when the Environmental Protection Agency makes decisions that “weaken our economy and destroy jobs, with no measurable benefit to the climate system.” The overarching goal of every regulatory agency is to write regulations. That’s their reason for existence. It’s not to strengthen the economy. Or protect jobs. It’s to regulate. As a...

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Climate Change 11: Alarmists predict doom but a healthier world is reality


Considering climate alarmists history of alarmingly false predictions, it’s curious that their forecasts continue to be accepted as credible by so many.  Here’s what Princeton University professor Michael Oppenheimer wrote in 1990: [By] 1995, the greenhouse effect would be desolating the heartlands of North America and Eurasia with horrific drought, causing crop failures and food riots.  … [By 1996] the Platte River of Nebraska would be dry, while a continent-wide black blizzard of prairie topsoil will stop traffic on interstates, strip paint from houses and shut down computers. … The Mexican police will round up illegal American migrants surging into Mexico...

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Climate Change 10: Why we argue about it, unsettled science and the moral question.


John Christy is a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Alabama in Huntsville who maintains one of the global satellite temperature records and is one of the leading skeptics of climate alarmism.  His op-ed, Why Do We Argue About Climate Change, hits on a number of important points typically absent from the pubic debate. Christy says “we basically cannot prove anything about how the climate will change as a result of adding extra greenhouse gases to the atmosphere” so “we are left to argue about unprovable claims.” We can measure and prove that greenhouse gases are increasing. And, in the...

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