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American Experiment Refutes Mondale’s Misleading Claims on Mining

American Experiment's newest staff member, energy and environment expert Isaac Orr, has hit the ground running. In a column in the Duluth News Tribune, Orr refutes irresponsibly misleading and dated claims made by former Vice President Walter Mondale on the environmental impact of copper mining. As our state moves toward responsible mining of some of the richest mineral deposits in the world, it's critical for Minnesotans to have accurate information to inform the decision-making process.  Orr's response can also be read here. In a commentary in the News Tribune, former Vice President Walter Mondale cited poll numbers indicating a vast majority of...

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U.S. About to Shatter Oil Production Records

Remember when the United States was seemingly about to run out of oil? In 2006, then-President George W. Bush declared the United States was "addicted to oil," and the impending shortcoming in oil supplies meant the U.S. must "break this addiction." Fast-forward 12 years and American oil producers are about to produce more oil than they ever have before. ...

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Renewable energy costs more jobs than it creates

There are an estimated 6,200 jobs in renewable energy in Minnesota. But these have come at the cost of higher energy prices for Minnesota's consumers. If they had that extra money to spend on other things, they would have generated 8,700 jobs elsewhere. When we consider the benefits of renewable energy in terms of jobs, we also have to consider the costs in terms of the jobs lost to generate them. ...

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