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Iron Range to Trump: We Need More Mining

Northern Minnesotans sent a message to the Trump administration this week in the Iron Range city of Virginia. Hundreds of residents spilled into the streets to make sure Washington understands they support mining, according to the Duluth News Tribune. A large crowd of supporters of copper-mining projects near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness rallied on Tuesday afternoon at Field of Dreams Park in Virginia, calling for people to speak as “one Range, one voice” and to “stuff the box” with pro-mining comments on Tuesday evening during the U.S. Forest Service’s public hearing on its plan for a two-year moratorium on...

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Met Council Holds Workshop on Climate-Caused Racism

It's no stretch to say the Met Council is on a mission to make race an issue in every conceivable aspect of local and regional government under its jurisdiction. But racial disparities due to global warming? That's the focus of the latest Met Council workshop being held in Minneapolis today for metro-wide city and county government workers being trained to be on the watch for climate-related racism in their communities. They [communities of color] frequently bear a disproportionate share of the burden of environmental degradation and are more vulnerable to climate change impact. This session will strengthen your community’s ability to prepare...

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Pro-Mining Unions and Businesses Rip Forest Service “Charade”

Northern Minnesotans came out swinging this week in the Star Tribune, ripping the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management on mining. The tough talk came via a full-page ad announcing a boycott by a coalition of 17 union, civic and business groups of the federal agencies' public hearing in the Twin Cities on Tuesday. We’re fed up with jumping through federal hoops, burning gas, vacation days and family time to sit through your endless, taxpayer-funded meetings. It’s death by a thousand cuts. Anger and frustration over a last-minute Obama administration regulation banning mineral exploration in the national forest and reevaluating the...

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10k Reward for Eco-Vandals Behind Death of Thousands of MN Mink

Cruelty to animals had better be included in the criminal charges against the supposed animal-lovers behind the weekend release into the wild of 38,000 domesticated mink from an Eden Valley fur farm. The FBI and Stearns County authorities are already investigating the perpetrators who are still at-large as eco-terrorists under the Federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.  The vandals responsible for the $750,000 loss to Lang Fur Farms could hardly have devised a more cruel outcome. The minks' "liberation" has been a deadly disaster for thousands of animals that have never had to fend or defend themselves in the wild before.  Most stand little...

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Pollution Agency Advises Against High Carbon Vacations

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency wants you to think twice about that summer vacation you've been looking forward to. As many of you embark on long-awaited summer vacations, remember to do so sustainably! It’s easy to forget the huge carbon cost of travel—one yearly vacation can cancel out a year’s worth of sustainable lifestyle choices. Luckily, many people are concerned about this problem. A recent survey showed that 67% of Americans think eco-friendly travel is important. Fortunately, the agency's latest Living Green 365 newsletter provides tips on how to literally go green and "take your vacation without the guilt". But you should strongly...

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This time we are three years from climate disaster: Being an alarmist means never having to say you’re sorry.

Considering climate alarmist’s history of alarmingly false predictions, it’s curious that their forecasts continue to accepted as credible by so many.  Here’s the most recent headline from a few days ago: “We Have 3 Years to Save the Planet From Climate Disaster, Experts Warn.” The frightening letter, published in the journal Nature, was signed by more than 60 “climate experts” that included former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, ex-Irish President Mary Robinson, business people, investment managers and environmental campaigners.  I guess holding an alarmist position on global warming automatically makes you a “climate expert.” And I guess being an alarmist expert means you...

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Northern Minnesotans Urge Boycott of Feds’ Hearing on Mining Ban

What if the U.S. Forest Service held a public hearing on the Obama administration's last-minute moratorium on mining in northern Minnesota and nobody came?  Nobody, that is, except for Twin Cities environmentalists who will go to the mat to stop economic progress through natural resource development at any cost. That's the scenario mining supporters see coming at a July 18 public hearing in St. Paul on the controversial moratorium and regional hold on mining that's being held on the home turf of Twin Cities environmentalists.  But the Duluth News Tribune reports the absence of mining supporters may speak louder than their...

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Minnesota Joins States Fighting Plastic Bag Ban

Minnesota routinely receives national recognition for leading the way among the states on environmental issues. But today the Wall Street Journal singled out the state for being at the forefront of a different sort of preservation campaign--the preservation of plastic bags as an option in the checkout line. In an article headlined "Bans Over Plastic Bags Face a Growing Backlash" the paper noted momentum has shifted away from bans and restrictions on plastic bags that started in predictably liberal cities and states. Activists claim plastic bags harm the environment more than paper and reusable bags. Business groups are fighting back against plastic...

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Key Members of Congress Support Overturning Obama MN Mining Ban

The effort to overturn the Obama administration's last-minute ban on mining in northern Minnesota just reached a new level. The chairs of two key congressional subcommittees got a first hand look at the area on Monday, pledging to urge the Trump administration to take action to reverse the mining moratorium. Rep. Rick Nolan served as tour guide in his home district, breaking ranks with many of his Democratic colleagues in working across the aisle to  supporting the mining industry in an area that supported Trump. The Duluth News Tribune reports the delegation included some heavy hitters. Nolan, D-Crosby, was joined by Republican Reps....

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