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Finally! State Patrol Cracks Down on Freeway Protesters

Under leftist Gov. Tim Walz, the Minnesota State Patrol has repeatedly looked the other way as favored political protesters flagrantly broke the law and endangered public safety.  Most infamously, the state's top cops stood by and watched as protesters tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus at the State Capitol in June. But American Experiment has pointed out the politicization of the patrol and other public safety officials under Walz in other instances in recent posts. Walz’s Minnesota State Patrol and Department of Transportation have effectively given the go-ahead to protesters who decide to shut down Twin Cities freeways to make their...

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Anti-Police Vandals Deface Cop, Firefighter and Soldier Statues in Eagan

This week the Eagan Police Department invited residents of the Twin Cities suburb to an open forum on policing. It was an effort to reach out to those with concerns in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in police custody and the massive protests that followed. But this is what the authorities got in response to their attempt to find common ground. Vandals defaced three bronze statues honoring a policeman protecting a young girl, a firefighter, and a soldier respectively outside the city's community center. The initials "BLM" presumably representing the radical Black Lives Matter group were spray-painted on the...

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Chicago Mayor snubs Frey by abruptly withdrawing from forum

Nobody's saying exactly why Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot abruptly withdrew from a high profile virtual forum with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey scheduled for Friday. But the Chicago Tribune strongly hinted that the reputation of Frey and the city he allowed to descend into chaos that erupted nationwide more than preceded him. Mayor Lori Lightfoot pulled out of a virtual roundtable hosted by Crain's Chicago Business to avoid appearing on the same digital stage as Minneapolis Mayor Jacob  Frey, who has been a lightning rod for criticism after the  police killing of George Floyd, sources told the  Tribune. Lightfoot had been scheduled to...

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Minneapolis Dodges Police Ban on the Ballot for Now

Good news for Minneapolis residents like Peter Hayes, whose first-hand account of trying to keep his family safe with "bullets flying" around his neighborhood recently made the pages of the Star Tribune. I never dreamed I would acquire such a unique new skill — being able to differentiate between fireworks and gunfire. But nearly every night for the past several weeks both sounds have cracked through the air in my neighborhood. I relax now when I hear the former. On the night of July 15 I was at the back door when I heard shots closer than they had ever been, eight...

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Anti-Police Thugs Deface American Experiment Billboards, US Bank Stadium and Government Buildings

Within days of the launching of American Experiment's Support MN Police public  information campaign on behalf of law enforcement, leftist vandals have shown Minnesotans once again that the lawlessness and violence on display during the riots following George Floyd's death in police custody remain a potent threat in the Twin Cities. Vandals have spray-painted anti-police and vulgar graffiti on four American Experiment billboards featuring messages of support for Minnesota law enforcement. The Center's campaign includes a total of 38 billboards throughout the metro area in response to an alarming rise in violent crime and an online petition urging citizens to sign...

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