In The Tank (EP 184) A Bad Week for the Left: Russia Collusion, Green New Deal, and ObamaCare

Hello! This week on the In The Tank Podcast, Donny and Justin are joined by Jim Lakely of The Heartland Institute because I was at the Twin’s home opener and as such I take full responsibility for their victory.

In the first segment, the crew gives their takes on the release of the Mueller Report on potential Russian “collusion.” After a nearly-two-year investigation, the Mueller team found no evidence of collusion. How did this investigation effect the Trump administration during the first two years and how will the results play into the 2020 election.

In another stunning defeat for the left, a resolution for the Green New Deal died in the Senate with a vote of 0-57. Justin and Jim explain what was going on behind the scenes with this vote.

Related to the Green New Deal, Donny discusses a report from the Manhattan Institute titled “The ‘New Energy Economy’: An Exercise in Magical Thinking.” Among other things, the report explains that solar and wind technology will not be able to advance enough to make the Green New Deal possible.

Topping off the bad week for the left, the DOJ announced they agree with a U.S. District Court that ruled all of Obamacare is invalid. Justin explains what this means for the health care law and how it will factor in to the 2020 election.