Judge green-lights California car regulations in Minnesota

California car regulations are likely coming to Minnesota. On late Friday afternoon, an administrative law judge ruled that the Walz administration can impose these onerous new mandates without the need for legislative approval.

Administrative Law Judge (ALG) Jessica Palmer-Denig issued a bitterly disappointing 68-page ruling in which she uncritically accepted arguments in favor of the California car mandates while minimizing the legitimate concerns voiced by 22,000 Minnesotas who oppose the rules.

Among these legitimate concerns are the fact that these rules will impose large costs on Minnesota families for zero measurable environmental benefits, as American Experiment argued in its 46-page comments detailing why these rules are the wrong way for Minnesota to move forward.

Our comments argue:

  1. California car mandates regulations infringe on the property rights of Minnesota auto dealers and harm the viability of their businesses.
  2. Mandating electric cars will force auto dealers to stock electric cars that are not profitable and have limited demand.
  3. These mandates will not increase consumer choice.
  4. California car mandates will increase costs for consumers.
  5. There will be no measurable environmental benefits from the California car mandates.
  6. The mandates will harm minority and rural communities and low-income families.

While the ALJ’s ruling is disappointing, it isn’t necessarily unexpected. It appears that Minnesotans will be forced to pay more for their vehicles when the regulations are implemented beginning in 2024.