Keeping kids entertained — and educated — for free

Parents juggling home responsibilities, their job, and taking care of kids are also focused on making sure their child’s learning continues. I have previously written about free, online resources available to students while also reminding parents that it’s easy to forget kids don’t always need fancy apps to learn from the world around them.

Along with these options, I want to include a streaming service that focuses on a subject area that tends to get placed at the bottom rung of the educational ladder: American history.

Learn Our History offers a library of animated American history videos—which can be streamed from any device—that feature a group of time-traveling history students who go back in time to see U.S. history in the making. Each film is also supplemented with lessons and educational resources that reinforce the subject material of the video, plus digital workbooks and parent guides. Students not only learn “positive, patriotic, and unbiased history” but are also taught that while America is not perfect, there are contributions from our past that have helped the world and have helped advance freedom and opportunities in our country that should be celebrated.

For interested families, Learn Our History is offering its entire library of U.S. history videos for kids of all ages plus digital workbooks and parent guides free for 7 days. After activating the free trial, Learn Our History states there is no obligation to continue the monthly streaming service, and cancellation is easily available. Plus, families can order a “Kids Guide to the Presidential Election” book that includes an election day video and digital workbook for $1 (which covers shipping and processing). Click here to learn more.