More than 2,256 people oppose Xcel Energy’s transmission line, and only 310 people support it

Last week, American Experiment submitted 2,256 signatures opposing Xcel Energy’s expensive and unneeded transmission line to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC), sending a powerful message to the Walz-appointed committee that there is strong opposition to this project.

In contrast, Fresh Energy, a wind and solar special interest group that intentionally misleads the public about the cost of these energy resources, only managed to get 310 signatures and comments in support of the project, meaning we generated seven times more comments than they did.

This major win comes even though Fresh Energy has an enormous staff of 42 people dedicated to these issues and raised $5.9 million in 2023, according to its 2023 Annual Report. For context, this is more than American Experiment raised for all of our issue areas, and our energy team consists of Mitch Rolling, me, and sometimes Tom Steward writing on the topic.

The vast discrepancy in signatures may seem puzzling at first, but it isn’t when we consider that groups like Fresh Energy are largely astroturf groups funded by large foundations with limited support from everyday Minnesotans. On the other hand, American Experiment is supported by thousands of Minnesotans, with our median donation being about $50.

We will keep our readers updated on the status of the transmission line. Thank you for taking action to sign our petition.