Sunday Funnies from the Babylon Bee: Facebook Introduces Karen Reaction Button

The following article was originally published in the Babylon Bee:

MENLO PARK, CA—Facebook has introduced a new Karen reaction button for Facebook users to use when they see people breaking social distancing guidelines on their news feed.

The emoji shows an angry woman with a short hair cut, clearly upset that others are not living up to her lofty standards. While before, you had to go through the trouble of leaving an angry comment of disapproval, now, you can simply click the Karen button so you can judge people from afar.

“Whenever one of your friends posts a photo in which they’re not properly social distancing or are breaking lockdown, we encourage you to use this handy new emoji,” said Mark Zuckerberg. “Do your part and react with the Karen button.”

The button lets your friends and family know you’re angrily judging them for not living in fear and for having a little bit of fun. And, best of all, if a picture receives enough Karen reactions, Facebook will automatically summon a manager to address the complaints.