Teachers’ Union is Meeting on the 4th of July Instead of Celebrating American Independence

The national teachers’ union (NEA) convention is in Minneapolis this year. While the rest of America is celebrating  Independence Day, the teachers’ union is conducting a day of business at the convention center.

If teachers want to influence their union, they have to spend time away from their families and friends. Like it us just any other day of the week. Here is the convention agenda. 

The union is also forcing the people who work at the convention center, and hotels. to work on Independence Day.


Here at the Center (which is closed, I am at my kitchen table) we are celebrating Teachers’ Independence Day: No More Forced Union Fees!

Have you seen the Center’s great billboards up around town (see above) following the Janus decision?

Celebrate this great victory for Employee Freedom!

Yes, I am going to get off my laptop….soon….!