Thank You! American Experiment Readers Accounted for 13 Percent of California Car Mandate Comments!

About a month ago I posted an article asking our readers to submit comments to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) opposing the Walz administration’s attempt to foist California’s car mandates on Minnesotans, and boy, did you ever deliver.

According to an article written on DeSmogBlog, a site that attempts to smear anyone who advocates for sane energy policy, you all had a major impact on the public comment period. According to the article:

“As Minnesota begins the rulemaking process to adopt a pair of clean car standards, citizens and organizations weighed in with their comments and concerns, through an official Request for Comments portal.

A DeSmog analysis found that a majority of the hundreds of comments received were supportive of the initiative, which aims to reduce the state’s transportation-sector emissions.

However, opposing comments also poured in from industry groups and citizens borrowing a script provided by a right-wing think tank tied to the petrochemical billionaire Koch network. “

The fact that DeSmogBlog is commiserating about the influence our organization and our readers had on the public comments proves that together, we are a powerful, conservative voice in Minnesota on energy and environmental issues. The article continues:

“Many of the comments opposing the proposed standards are identical in wording, which comes from a script written by CAE’s Isaac Orr. They question the legality of Minnesota adopting the standards and requests a hearing be scheduled before an administrative law judge. Out of the more than 600 comments received (not including one supportive letter with 685 signatures and over 300 additional comments), DeSmog estimates that roughly 13 percent of them borrowed the script that Orr provided [emphasis added].”

Generating 13 percent of the comments is an incredible achievement considering we only pushed comments to MPCA on one day! This is especially amazing because groups like MN350 and the Sierra Club spent months soliciting public comments.

The road ahead will not be easy, and it appears Governor Walz is willing to use any means necessary to impose these expensive regulations on the state, but we will continue to push back and protect Minnesota families from regulations that will increase costs for Minnesotans while having no measurable benefits on the environment.

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments. American Experiment is dedicated to promoting policies that are both good for the environment and good for Minnesota’s economy. As we reach the end of the year, I hope you will support our efforts with a donation to American Experiment so we can continue fight the good fight against a Minnesota Green New Deal.