The nonstop Minnesota horror show

A roundup of recent local news you may have missed.

On Twitter (X), I occasionally will post about Minnesota news under under the caption “Producing more news than can be consumed locally” (paraphrasing an old quote attributed to Churchill about the Balkans).

The stories mentioned below are worthy of their own deep dive, but alas, developments are occurring too quickly to keep up.

Coon Rapids triple homicide suspect posed as UPS driver, killed family in front of young kids, charges say — KSTP 5 News.

This story has been widely reported in local/national/international news outlets. What you may have missed is the allegation that the suspect, Alonzo Mingo of Fridley, is an illegal alien who dodged at least one earlier attempt at deportation. Oh, and he didn’t “pose” as a UPS driver, until recently he was a UPS driver. Mingo is being held in the Anoka County Jail on $5 million bail. His current mugshot.

The official police report on the Coon Rapids incident can be read here. Mingo has been charged with three counts of 2nd-degree murder, plus a probation violation. The jail roster listing for Mingo suggest that the Feds have placed a hold on him. The Anoka County attorney prosecuting the case is seeking an aggravated (longer) sentence.

Mingo’s next court appearance is scheduled for February 9.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the apparent target of the alleged murder was himself under investigation for drug dealing.

Meanwhile: Terrorist arrested in Minnesota roamed free for a year after illegally crossing border — Alpha News.

The AlphaNews headline above needs no further explanation.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota issued this press release yesterday dateline Minneapolis,

One Iranian and Two Canadian Nationals Indicted in Murder-for-Hire Scheme. And yes, there is a Minnesota connection.

Minneapolis police chief blasts art celebrating 3rd precinct fire ( “Art” is in the eye of the beholder.

Mysterious liquid found in Minnesota Capitol — ABC 6 News. The liquid was found in mason jars left in a bathroom.

Buckle up, 2024 is just getting started.