What does it take to get deported from America?

The world may never know.

Over at PowerLine, John Hinderaker records the recent multi-state criminal history of the Venezuelan illegal immigrant accused of murdering that nursing student in Athens, GA. Only in the country since September 2022, Jose Ibarra racked up criminal charges in both New York and Georgia. There was an active warrant for Ibarra’s arrest at the time he allegedly committed murder on the campus of Georgia’s flagship university.

We have a similar situation here in Minnesota. You will recall the triple homicide committed last month in Coon Rapids. Alonzo Pierre Mingo, 37, is currently being held in Anoka County jail, along with two alleged accomplices, on $5 million bail for the crime. Mingo also faces a Federal hold for a parole violation.

Billed out of Fridley, Mingo’s geographic and criminal histories are complicated. AlphaNews dug up this March 2019 document, where Ramsey County (MN) retrieved Mingo from Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody to face a local gun charge.

Let’s rewind. The apparent Federal probation violation appears to arise from an October 2018 Federal gun possession case. His 2018 Federal indictment notes five previous felony convictions, all in Cook County (Chicago), IL, spanning 2006 to 2017. The sentence was pronounced by Judge Nancy Brasel in November 2020, and was set at just under 5 years in prison, a downward adjustment to the sentencing guidelines. Had he served even the reduced Federal sentence, he would still be behind bars.

Mingo appears to have been released in May 2023 and was to continue on parole for up to three years. In August 2023, he violated parole by testing positive for marijuana. Another failed drug test followed in October 2023.

Back to the Ramsey County 2018 case, where he also faced a felony state gun possession charge. Mingo was picked up at a St. Paul gas station. His addresses were then listed as both St. Paul and Chicago. After attempting to flee the scene, Mingo was tased and police recovered a 0.40 caliber Glock pistol (stolen in Illinois). The stolen Glock would eventually be forfeited in the Federal case.

He posted a $50,000 bond. However, he skipped his required state court hearing and somehow found himself in ICE custody in February 2019. The state case was dismissed in February 2021, by which time Mingo was in Federal prison.

It does not appear that any of his six previous felony convictions resulted in any significant time behind bars. Nor does it appear that his brief 2019 time in ICE custody resulted in deportation.

Bizarrely, Judge Brasel made this statement at Mingo’s 2020 Federal sentencing,

I’ve posted the transcript from that hearing here. It reads like a parody of the bleeding-heart liberal judge.

The Coon Rapids complaint alleges the following regarding Mingo,

Well, we’ve heard from Mr. Mingo, but we wish we hadn’t.