Two more arrests in Coon Rapids triple murder case

Two Minneapolis brothers have been arrested in connection to a horrific Coon Rapids triple murder case from last month. They join their alleged accomplice Alonzo Mingo in the Anoka County jail. WCCO reports.

All three men have been accused of three counts of 2nd-degree murder and are each being held on $5 million bail.

Demetrius Shumpert, age 31, is the older brother:

Demetrius has two past felony convictions for theft, both dating from separate 2018 cases, and two previous non-felony theft cases, dating from 2016 and 2014. His Anoka County jail listing includes a hold for a parole violation.

Omari Shumpert, age 19:

Omari’s jail listing includes a hold for an unrelated Hennepin County drug case carrying a separate bail amount of $30,000.

Media reports indicate that Mingo and Omari are the alleged triggermen.

I previously covered Mingo’s criminal history, including his apparent status as an illegal alien. In a sane world, based on their past criminal histories, none of these three men should have been roaming free on that fateful January night.

Mingo appeared in court last week, where the $5 million bail amount was re-affirmed. He is scheduled for a court hearing in early April. The Shumpert brothers are next due in court in separate appearances later this month and in early March.