Walz: California Car Mandates for Thee, International Scout Getting 11.4 Miles Per Gallon for Me

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz drove a 1979 International Scout- which gets only 11.4 miles per gallon– through the Minnesota State Fair Food Parade last weekend.

California Car Mandates For Thee, An International Scout for Me

Normally, what kind of car anyone drives, including the Governor, would be none of our business. But Governor Walz has made it his business to tell Minnesotans what kind of cars they can drive by using the government bureaucracy to force Minnesota to comply with California car mandates. These mandates would force Minnesota to spend up to $2,500 more per vehicle to meet California’s fuel mileage standards.

Governor Walz claims that these mandates are necessary to “make sure that there’s ice on that lake in January,” but if the Governor is truly concerned about keeping ice on the lakes in winter, why is he driving a vehicle that only gets 11.4 miles per gallon?

In Walz’s world, it’s California car mandates for thee, an International Scout getting 11.4 miles per gallon for me.

To make matters worse,  Esme Murphy reports this is the only car the Governor owns.

International Scout for Me, No Line 3 For Thee

Not only is Governor Walz forcing Minnesotans to obey rules that will make cars more expensive, but he is also preventing nearly 2,000 people the ability to put food on their table by working on the replacement of the Line 3 oil pipeline because his administration is arguing Minnesota won’t need the oil.

This argument is absurd, because oil is the single-largest source of energy Minnesotans used in 2018, according to the Energy Information Administration. Oil provides 6.6 times more energy in the state than wind, and 33 times more energy than solar. Arguing we won’t need the oil is energy illiteracy, plain and simple.

The Governor’s argument -that we don’t need the oil while also driving a car that gets 11.4 miles per gallon- is a slap in the face to the thousands of Minnesotans who would benefit from the Line 3 replacement project. It is also a slap in the face to the environment, because the new, state-of-the art pipeline would be far less likely to spill oil than an aging, corroded one.


It has never been more obvious that there are, in fact, two Minnesota’s.

One where urban liberals keep Greater Minnesota under their thumb by suing businesses and rodeos, imposing California car mandates on residents who don’t want them, and denying good-paying jobs to the people who need them. The other Minnesota is a place where rioting and looting are given tacit approval, and where liberal politicians happily impose more costs on Minnesota families for purchasing vehicles while tooling around town in one of the least fuel-efficient cars around.

As is often the case in Minnesota, the standards are Different For Liberals. Governor Walz is either totally clueless or a brilliant troll artist.