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Thinking Minnesota is Attracting a Mountain (Literally!) of New Subscribers

Every day when I receive the mail, our wonderful postal carrier drops a thick stack of cards on my desk. Most days, she makes a sigh of relief. Our new subscribers are giving her an extra load to carry.

After the summer issue of Thinking Minnesota was released, we received well over 600 subscription requests. If you don’t remember, our cover story was “Traffic Congestion is No Accident.” Of course correlation does not imply causation, but if readers are like me and are tired of sitting through hours of traffic a day, our congestion story provided a perfect entrée to Thinking Minnesota.

And the fall edition of Thinking Minnesota is proving to be a stiff competitor in our new subscriber race. The cover story, “Whose Values? Educational excellence threatened by ideology in Edina schools,” has fostered the conversation about the role of politics in the classroom. I have received numerous requests for additional copies making extra work for our postal carrier (large envelopes are more cumbersome to pick up than standard letters after all.) And the subscription cards from this issue are starting to come in. In just the last few days, we have already received hundreds of requests! These new subscribers are coming in from all over the state, and even across the country. From the Twin Cities to Greater Minnesota, from California to Pennsylvania, folks can’t get enough of Thinking Minnesota.  And of course a lot of subscription requests are coming from Edina, where every household received a copy of our fall issue. This is on top of the many requests that come in via email.

Do you have a subscription? Fill out a subscription card located in your copy of Thinking Minnesota or email your name and address to Info@AmericanExperiment.org and you will be among the first to receive our next issue.




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