A Voice of Reason But is Anyone on the Left Listening?

It baffles many on the right why Democrats would double-down on a far left agenda that’s decimated the party’s stable of elected officials nationwide, including here. But a crack in the DFL’s dam appeared over the weekend in a Star Tribune op-ed. A self-described lifelong liberal challenged the state’s DFL political establishment to get back in touch with the rank and file that used to form the party’s base.

…I’m distressed by how little liberal activists seem to have learned from recent election results. All signs indicate that their strategy going forward is to “do the same thing that failed — only do it harder.”

That strategy will only further alienate Americans who have moved away from the political center; it could lead to the re-election of President Trump.

If, however, liberals were to adjust their strategy and their tactics, they could restore a more reasonable set of elected leaders to this country. To succeed, liberals must give those who have moved to the right in recent years reasons to return to the center.

The author, Doug Berdie, lays out a seven point plan for liberals to “realign with Middle America.” His list not only proposes several commonsense ways to reconnect with middle class voters but calls out the Democrats’ identity politics strategy, along with the universities and Black Lives Matter supporters behind it.

Liberals have not given enough attention to the effects of their actions, and it’s clear some of these effects stimulated Trump’s victory. Many voters are tired of feeling as if liberals are “in their faces” all the time.

But is anyone listening? The controversial column generated much consternation among DFL die-hards, but little self-reflection, based on hundreds of comments.  Readers engaged in a pitched back-and-forth that indicates emotions still run high over the 2016 campaign.

Not for one single second do I believe that this author is a liberal.  Not one second.  His diatribe follows item by item the conservative agenda.  Word for word.  His bottom line message is, “Every liberal should convert to conservatism”.  His very first line turns out to be a complete lie. (crystalbay)

I agree with #1 in Mr. Berdie’s tome; but #’s 2 through 7 of his read on the need for behavioral changes are nothing more than supporting the racist, white male privilege of the status quo. A status quo that is bringing the USA to the brink of WWIII, environmental disaster and human dysfunction to the nth degree. No liberals must not realign with middle America; middle America must realign with liberals. (Anonymcz)

Pretty nice straw man argument created and then swatted down. I would say thanks, but no thanks on this advice from someone who obviously doesn’t care to see any democrat elected. (Badgerfan2)

Should conservatives be concerned about DFLers taking the author’s advice?

While I have absolutely zero interest in helping the Demorats rebrand themselves I feel that this article and its author hit the nail on the head. Hopefully not many Demorats read this and take it too heart. I thoroughly enjoyed this past November and the thrashing that was dished out. (Kebu80)

Judging from these readers’ reactions, liberal activists seem inclined to keep “pushing the electorate into the arms of the enemy.”