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  • This Week’s Top Stories

    Posted by Allison Payne on Feb, 19 2021

    Golden Turkey is back, Gov. Walz has no plan to re-open Minnesota's businesses, the energy emergency in Texas, the teachers' union pushes back on state testing, and more in this week's Friday newslett...

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  • Raise our standards!

    Posted by Allison Payne on Dec, 30 2020

    Which America should students be taught: America founded on hard work and freedom or America founded on bias and discrimination? The Minnesota Department of Education prefers the latter. Don't let the...

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  • Larvita McFarquhar Gets Her License Taken Away

    Posted by Allison Payne on Dec, 05 2020

    (Lynd, MN) – Larvita McFarquhar, a single mom of four daughters, decided that she was going to stand up to Governor Walz’s latest shutdown order closing bars and restaurants despite the da...

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  • Follow American Experiment on Parler!

    Posted by Allison Payne on Dec, 02 2020

    Big Tech is frustrating. American Experiment wants to reach ALL Minnesotans and will remain on Facebook and Twitter, but Parler is an exciting new adventure. Check us out and give us a follow! ...

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  • Final Line 3 permit approved; Construction to begin soon

    Posted by Allison Payne on Nov, 30 2020

    Today, (November 30th), the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency approved the final permit needed for the Line 3 replacement pipeline project. The permit approval brings to an end the hard-fought and le...

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