Grass roots campaign forces Gov. Walz to relax restrictions on health clubs, pressure remains for youth sports and restaurants

COVID Common Sense website sponsored by Center of the American Experiment sent 30,000 letters to state capitol

After Gov. Walz issued his last executive order closing health clubs, youth sports, bars and restaurants, Center of the American Experiment launched a grass roots campaign that helped 11,000 Minnesotans send 33,000 letters to Gov. Walz and their State Representatives and Senators. The opening of health clubs today is a partial victory, but the campaign will remain in full force until common sense returns to Minnesota’s COVID-19 strategy.

Minnesotans can add their names to the effort at

“The data does not support the ongoing closure of Minnesota businesses and youth sports,” said John Hinderaker, President of Center of the American Experiment. “Gov. Walz needs to listen to the thousands of Minnesotans who want to earn a living, go to school, play a sport and gather with family over Christmas.”