Star Tribune’s Minnesota Poll is at it again

This is what the front page of today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune looks like:


“55% say Trump unfit for the job”! How did the Star Tribune get that stunning result? This is the question the Minnesota Poll asked:

Do you think that what Donald Trump said in a video about grabbing women’s genitals makes him unfit to be president or not?

The question is so one-sided that it was guaranteed to yield the result, and the anti-Trump headline, that the Star Tribune wanted.

But what many readers want to know is, where is the Minnesota Poll question on Hillary Clinton’s fitness for office? What do you think the result would be if the pollster asked:

Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s intentional violation of criminal and civil laws in connection with her handling of top secret information makes her unfit to be president or not?

My guess is you would get at least 55% saying Mrs. Clinton is unfit.

Years ago, the Star Tribune’s Minnesota Poll had a terrible reputation. Its projections were just about always inaccurate, and always in the same way: the paper’s favored candidates (i.e., liberals) were consistently overrated. More recently, the Star Tribune has seemed to reform its poll so as to produce more accurate, and less partisan, results. But today’s anti-Trump poll looks like a return to the bad old days at the Star Tribune.