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A post-Covid-19 agenda for Minnesota’s state government: Governance

To prevent an abuse of emergency powers in future, we propose that any state of emergency declared by a governor under Chapter 12 of the Minnesota Statues will automatically expire after 14 days unless renewed for a specified length of time by a two-thirds vote of both the Minnesota House and the Minnesota Senate. ...

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According to top health officials, Minnesotans are to blame for any new additional Covid-19 restrictions

According to top health officials, if Minnesotans were taking precautions, we would not need additional Covid-19 restrictions. Setting aside the lack of evidence for that claim, how will closing bars early and limiting family gatherings protect high-risk individuals in long-term care facilities that continue to make up the majority of deaths?...

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Where does Minnesota stand in its fight against Covid-19?

Back in September, I wrote: For the time being at least, while COVID-19 is still with us, the data is clear: The emergency period of this pandemic is over. I wrote this because, as I've argued, the share of Minnesota’s ICU beds in use is the correct benchmark for whether we are in an emergency or not. And: ICU hospitalizations, the health department said, surged from an average of 111 for the seven days up to and including July 18 to 154 for the seven days up to and including Aug. 10 — still below any time between May 6 and June 29....

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