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Violence and Election Losses Over Defunding Police Draw New Attention to Minneapolis

Not so long ago when the national media stopped by to tell the outside world about the Twin Cities, they were drawn by attractions like the Mall of America, vibrant arts scene and Minnesota State Fair. But since Minneapolis-St. Paul became infamous for the second worse riots in U.S. history, there’s a much different dynamic driving outside media attention from outlets like the Washington Post. The sound of gunfire has become so familiar across North Minneapolis that Cathy Spann worries she has grown numb to it. Day and night the bullets zip through this predominantly Black neighborhood, hitting cars and homes and...

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More Suburbs Ban Protesters from Harassing Officials at Home

So-called protests by leftist agitators, anarchists and activists have left a devastating mark on the Twin Cities that will likely take decades to erase. But that's not good enough for some hardcore demagogues who have taken their mantra of "the personal is political" to a potentially dangerous new level by targeting their ideological adversaries in their neighborhoods and homes. KSTP-TV compiled a scorecard of public officials and their families who've been harassed at home, sometimes to the point of fearing for their family's safety. Since May, there have been more frequent protests outside the homes of Minnesota political leaders, with the most...

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Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender to Retire

On Sunday, City Council President Lisa Bender announced she would not seek re-election in 2021, according to an article in the Star Tribune. Bender was among the first City Council members to take the stage at Powderhorn Park and declared their promise to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department after George Floyd's death. The result has been one of the most violent years on record in the city. The Star Tribune article states Bender had made the decision earlier this year "well before multiple crises hit our city," but her departure leaves Minneapolitans in the lurch: "Her announcement comes at a time when...

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“Protestors” Vandalize Minneapolis Businesses and Shut Down I-94 Again

The vandals and looters first unleashed by the Failure to Lead of Gov. Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter following the death of George Floyd have come out of the woodwork as anticipated by law enforcement post election. Here's a few snapshots of some of the anarchists' handiwork featuring property damage from the Uptown Crime citizens group Facebook page. The latest victims include a recently opened State Farm Insurance storefront in Uptown. Welcome to the neighborhood! Meantime, the everyday violence in Minneapolis has gotten so out of control that a Star Tribune reporter (Chris Riemenschneider) who...

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Metro Businesses Brace for Riots and Violence on Election Day

Politicians say we're in a "new normal" with the continuing restrictions set in place by Gov. Tim Walz due to the pandemic. But there's an even more concerning new normal that now also characterizes our civic life for the first time--the threat of violence, looting and rioting on and around Election Day by anarchists, vandals and thugs believed to be standing by to strike in the event President Trump prevails again. Metro area businesses have begun barricading their stores against the real possibility of a repeat of the arson and vandalism that destroyed hundreds of businesses earlier this summer, according to...

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Motorists Face New 20 MPH Speed Limit in Minneapolis and St. Paul

It's common knowledge that Minneapolis and St. Paul rank among the most hostile cities to cars and fossil-fueled vehicles anywhere in the country. For years the number of public parking places and traffic lanes have continued to plummet as Twin Cities urban planners prioritize bike lanes, transit and pedestrian walkways. So the latest restriction imposed on drivers in both cities--a 20 mph speed limit on city streets--has not been well received by some motorists already traumatized by rush-hour like conditions much of the time in busy areas. The official reason behind the change is to improve public safety and save pedestrian lives....

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Popular Yard Sign in SE Minnesota Calls for Supporting Police

Turns out one of the most popular campaign signs popping up suddenly across southeastern Minnesota has nothing to do with party politics or a candidate. Maybe that explains the popularity of the yard signs prominently featuring a not-so-thin blue line across the face with a simple, yet stirring message: "Support local law enforcement." The popular campaign aims to raise funds to erect a memorial in Soldiers Field Park in Rochester honoring the 31 police officers slain in the line of duty in the region over nearly 150 years. Dakota County Sheriff Scott Rose, vice chairman of the Dodge County Sheriff Scott...

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Can Downtown Businesses Take Back Nicollet Mall?

It's no secret downtown Minneapolis was in decline due to violent crime and disorder before Covid-19 turned the business district into a ghost town. Riots and looting following George Floyd's death in police custody and other incidents further cemented the center city's image as a no-go zone, not only after dark but in broad daylight, as well. With the Minneapolis City Council in favor of defunding the already depleted police force, remaining downtown businesses have come to the realization they will need to lead the effort to restore public safety and confidence. It will come as a surprise only to the city...

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