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Governor Walz has loosened restrictions on restaurants and other establishments

This afternoon Governor Tim Walz held a press briefing, describing the next step in Minnesota`s reopening plan. In an executive order, the governor has loosened restrictions to allow indoor dining beginning June 10th. The executive order will also allow movie theatres and other entertainment venues, as well as fitness clubs and swimming pools to reopen. The order, additionally, expands capacity for other establishments that were already open.  ...

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Could this be the end of the movie-going experience as we know it?

It is hard to predict what would happen to the movie industry entirely but this is another clear casualty of the shutdown and it is bound to be a huge transformative period for the industry. It is possible that movie theatres will bounce back and things would go back to normal. It is also possible they might be bought out if they fail, which would leave much unchanged for the consumer. But it is also possible a new system would emerge in place of the traditional movie-going experience....

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Restaurants and bars are finding it hard to operate with new rules

So far any establishment that cannot physically seat people outside has not been able to open and operate legally. Furthermore,  restaurants have been forced to plan their business around the whims of erratic weather, which is problematic. This new arrangement, in so many ways, does not differ significantly from the previous arrangement of requiring dining places and bars to stay closed....

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Extended unemployment benefits found to significantly affect workers’ physical and mental health

With the extension of the lockdown, there has been a general worry that persisting unemployment could lead to a surge in deaths of despair. This would largely be due to unemployment and loss of income contributing to alcohol and substance abuse as well as deteriorating mental health, which may lead to increased rates of suicide. Health providers across the country have indeed seen a surge in calls for suicide attempts as well as mental health patients. This is all highly expected in terms of financial turmoil. There are of course programs set up in place to cushion financial loss from loss of...

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Anti-body testing shows Covid-19 is less deadly than previously thought

Understandably, infection fatality rates are different depending on demographics. Persons with underlying health conditions and the elderly are still at a huge risk compared to some others. But antibody testing should give a more clear understanding of the risks the majority of the population faces and therefore guide reopening decisions....

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