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Riders React to Rep. McCollum’s Views on Green Line Violence

To be sure Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum recognizes "every transit rider deserves a positive experience." Still she insists "we must address the social issues that contribute to challenges," according to the  St. Paul congresswoman's recent Star Tribune column on the increasing public safety threat to passengers on the Green Line. But McCollum's default to Democratic boilerplate rhetoric on the root causes of violence didn't sit well with many veteran transit riders of either political party. In fact, self-identified Minneapolis liberal Michael Brennan wrote a scathing counterpoint in the paper calling out McCollum's "troubling" views based on his first-hand experience on the...

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Video: Trump rally protesters turn violent

While protestors outside of Trump's Minneapolis rally were peaceful most of the day, there were multiple reports of vandalism, violence, and clashes with the police after the rally ended. Here's the coverage you might have missed: WCCO Minneapolis: Fox News: Watch the latest video at foxnews.com Fox 9 Minneapolis: KARE 11 Minneapolis: Sign that reads “Blue Lives Don’t F@$king Matter” Absolutely pathetic. #tcnt https://t.co/WJ7nfneRFi — Nick Zerwas (@NickZerwas) October 11, 2019 Breaking: outside Minneapolis Trump rally. Protestors lighting Maga hats on fire. Rushing police. Calling them pigs, etc. Escalating scene. pic.twitter.com/HxUFzs8OWF — Matt Finn (@MattFinnFNC) October 11, 2019 More video from outside Trump rally in Minneapolis. We saw protestors throw stuff...

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Ex-Legislator to Minneapolis PD on Crime: “Please Help Us”

Rampant lawlessness and violent crime in downtown Minneapolis have made national news. But there's also increasing concern over the well-being of residents in supposedly safer areas of the city. The latest safety concerns came up in an open letter to Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arrandondo from longtime DFL insider and former state legislator Wes Skoglund in the Star Tribune. A resident of the city's third precinct, Skoglund noted the need to divert more cops to secure downtown inevitably leaves other neighborhoods like his more vulnerable. We in lower crime parts of town know and reluctantly accept that the MPD has to focus staffing...

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What’s More Telling in Minneapolis? High Crime or High Condos?

It’s easy to gang up on cities, and not just because of gangs.  But if I were to pick just one reason why cities often anger me, it would be how mostly young males shoot up, beat up, intimidate, and otherwise profanely offend residents and visitors.  This is the case even in esteemed cities such as Minneapolis, which I have no hesitation saluting as good looking and above average, as is the entire Twin Cities in many ways. I’ve lived and worked in this area for almost 45 years, mostly in Minneapolis.  When my wife and I moved a dozen miles...

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Minneapolis Cop Blames Crime Wave on Anti-Police City Council

Who bears responsibility for enabling the violent crime wave in downtown Minneapolis? It's evident much of the problem lies with elected officials who refuse to take ownership of the problem and do something about it--the Minneapolis City Council. So Minneapolis Police Federation President Lt. Bob Kroll made sure they got the message, unloading on local elected officials on national television this week in an interview picked up by Fox News. "The city council...

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