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Gov. Dayton is beginning to see the light on mining

Yesterday, Gov. Dayton said something that we at the Center have been arguing for a long time; “I’ve always believed environmental protection and economic growth can be complementary objectives”. Everybody in Northeastern Minnesota is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not just prosperous retirees. They are entitled to pursue the economic opportunities which will enable them to build similarly prosperous lives. ...

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The federal government should help rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. It should not bail it out of its longstanding fiscal crisis

The federal government is planning a disaster aid package that includes money for Puerto Rico to deal with "rebuilding, repair, debris removal, getting the electric grid up, getting the water back running and so forth." So it should. But Puerto Rico's fiscal crisis long pre-dates Hurricane Maria, and for the fiscal health of the federal government and the states of the union, that is all it should do. ...

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Congratulations to the Minnesota Lynx. Now get out and support them

The Minnesota Lynx are well on their way to becoming the most successful franchise in our state's history, but they earn less than their male counterparts. So help them out. Go to a game. Watch them on TV. Buy a cap or a T shirt with Maya Moore or Lindsay Whalen's name on them. Increase the value of these players to their employers by getting behind them. That way, you'll increase their wages. And, along the way, you'll see a Minnesota franchise actually win something. ...

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The NFL would find it easier to tell politicians to mind their own business if they weren’t taking cash from them

When President Trump says NFL teams should fire kneeling players, the teams respond by saying that they are private enterprises. But if they want to be treated like private enterprises they should act like them. A first step would be to stop asking taxpayers for handouts. ...

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