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Exploring the different educational options available to MN families

Tonight, at 7:00pm, Americans for Prosperity will host an online conversation with the Grassroots Leadership Academy about education options across the country and how they are breaking down barriers to student achievement. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about the educational options available in Minnesota and how these programs represent good public policy. ...

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Gov. Walz to decide on lifting ‘Stay at Home’ order this week

Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-at-home order is set to expire May 4, and he is expected to decide whether or not to extend it sometime this week. Visit Back2WorkMN.com to urge Gov. Walz and state leaders to allow the current stay-home order to expire on May 4 as planned, and to provide citizens, businesses, and workers with the necessary tools and guidelines that will allow us to safely get back to work....

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Tight regulation is making survival harder for craft breweries amid the shutdown

Minnesota`s tight liquor industry regulation has been proving as an issue for producers for some time. Currently, regulation has come up as one of the issues that might contribute to breweries going out of business, thus in addition to their lack of revenue. Breweries have expressed that they might not be able stay in businesses if the stay at home order is extended beyond May 13th. The current stay at home order runs until May 4th but there is a chance it might be extended. The possibility of extension is what spells doom for most small businesses who do not have...

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Uncertainty regarding the shutdown is what is more threatening to businesses and the economy

When the Coronavirus started the first thing that happened was the closure of service businesses. In Minnesota Governor Walz ordered the closure of dining places and bars to close on March 16th.  This extended to a stay at home order for non essential businesses that was set to expire early April, but was extended till May 4th. Governor Tim Walz has amended the current stay at home order to allow for some businesses to return to work. Specifically those businesses requiring least contact with consumers, as long as workplaces can maintain distancing as well as disinfecting procedures. For the rest of...

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