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MN Federal Judge Nominee Stras Gets Last Laugh on Franken

Every once in a while the good guy still wins, even in the the Swamp. On the week Al Franken stepped down from the Senate in accordance with his marching orders from the Democratic Party commissariat, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras took the next step in the confirmation process that will give him the last laugh in the world's greatest deliberative body just vacated by his former nemesis. Despite widespread bipartisan support for Stras, Franken held up the jurist's nomination by abusing the tradition of the "blue slip" senatorial review of nominees. But on Friday the Star Tribune reports, President Trump...

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Center of the American Experiment Joins Amicus Brief in Forced Union Fees Case Before U.S. Supreme Court, Unions Push Back

The Janus case is expected to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in January of 2018 so stay tuned. The case is first and foremost a defense of Free Speech and Liberty, which if successful, will begin to restore some sanity to our country. Why should public employees have to support the political speech of a union in order to keep their jobs? And what price have we paid for monopoly funding to government unions for the last 50 years? How has our electoral and legislative process been warped? ...

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The Real Al Franken Revealed: Will it Break the Log-Jam on Judges?

Our Constitution gives the president of United States, whether you like him or not, the power to nominate federal judges. The Senate has the power to advise and consent, which is not the same as block and tackle. Traditionally, if a nominee was qualified, the president got his nominee confirmed. Each party understood that when it was their party’s turn at bat, they would benefit from that same deference. But the game has changed, and so must the rules....

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Franken Busted for Abuse of Nomination Process

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken got called out for bad behavior this week, not once but twice. Accusations that Franken kissed and groped Los Angeles broadcaster Leeann Tweeden grabbed most of the media's attention. But Franken also got busted for abusing the Senate's nomination process for the federal judiciary, as noted by the Wall Street Journal. The hits keep coming for Al Franken. At the same time folks are calling on the Minnesota Democrat to resign after he’s been accused of sexual assault, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is ending a Franken veto over judicial nominees. Chairman Chuck Grassley said Thursday that...

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Employee Freedom Update: Who are Mark Janus and Rebecca Friedrichs?

Who are Mark Janus and Rebecca Friedrichs? And why did I write about them in The Wall Street Journal today? If the Supreme Court rules in Janus’ favor, every government employee across the country will have the right to choose for himself or herself whether to give money to a union. This is equivalent to Minnesota passing a right-to-work constitutional amendment-- only better because it will be the law of land. ...

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MN Wolf Population Way Up But Court Still Bans State Management

The number of wolves in Minnesota soared last year, confirming the predator's comeback as one of the Endangered Species List's success stories. The wolf population leaped forward 25 percent thanks to a corresponding increase in the whitetail deer herd, according to the Duluth News Tribune. But to many environmentalists, success means keeping wolves on the ESL, no matter what the science shows. The DNR said its annual survey showed an estimated 2,856 wolves spread among 500 packs, up from 2,278 wolves in 438 packs in the 2015-2016 survey. Wolf numbers had remained flat or declined some for several years before this year’s jump. DNR...

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Mr. Dayton, you can’t always get what you want

The separation of powers doctrine says that the three branches of government are coequal, and that each branch has certain defining and exclusive functions. It’s a beautiful, powerful and simple thing to behold. Chaos follows when one branch wanders into another’s territory--which is why Justice Wilhelmina Wright said (paraphrased a bit): “Aren’t you asking us to institutionalize a mechanism whereby, on a semi-regular basis, the Court is asked to sort out political squabbles?” Exactly. ...

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Franken and Klobuchar Use Obscure Senate Ploy to Block MN Judge

The verdict has been virtually unanimous on President Trump's nominee to fill the vacancy on the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Current Minnesota Supreme Court Justice David Stras's stellar record and intellect surpass the qualifications for the job. He's garnered bipartisan support from dozens of Minnesota attorneys and respected members of both political parties, including Gov. Mark Dayton, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and retired Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page. In fact, Stras is so highly regarded he was on the shortlist under consideration to fill Justice Anthony Scalia's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet three months after Stras's nomination,...

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Howard Root Wows Lunch Forum Crowd

Today a crowd of nearly 400 at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis listened attentively as Howard Root, the former CEO of Vascular Solutions, Inc., recounted his five-year ordeal at the hands of the Department of Justice. In 2011, the Department of Justice began frivolous criminal proceedings against Vascular Solutions and Root. The legal battle went on for five years, in part because DOJ refused any reasonable effort to settle, saying they "needed a body," that is, a corporate executive to go to jail. Howard Root's presentation featured an extensive Power Point with many quotes from legal documents. The story was riveting....

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