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A Special Session Over Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants?


Lots of iffy reasons have been given for calling special legislative sessions in the past, but the Star Tribune editorial board's wacky suggestion today will be hard to top in the future. The paper urged the governor to call back legislators to rectify a provision in the budget bill he signed into law preventing illegal immigrants from obtaining driver's licenses.  It seems Dayton has come down with another acute case of signer's remorse over the driver's license ban that he agreed to as part of the budget compromise.  Readers will need to suspend disbelief as the paper tries to make the...

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Illegal Border Crossings into Canada Nearly Triple

Illegal crossings at the Canada-U.S. international border have spiked every month in 2017. According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) intercepted 887 people in March, nearly triple the 315 entries in January, making the total 1,860 for the year. And these are just the people RCMP catches. In March, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale’s office stated the illegal entry figures were “still small overall” and "internal adjustments" were being made. If increases in illegal crossings continue (which they are expected to), the Canadian government may have to listen to its citizens and do...

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Illegal Border Crossings into Canada: Self-Deportation?


Is self-deportation the new thing in Minnesota? A number of migrants from the U.S. are hightailing it to our northern neighbor by illegally crossing the international border at the Minnesota and North Dakota state lines. A Star Tribune article stated "asylum-seekers" are border jumping because of President Trump's plan to increase deportations. But asylum can be requested in the United States through a lawful process. And unless one is in the country illegally, fear of deportation shouldn’t be a factor. Therein lies the problem. Those fleeing to Canada know laws were broken, and their deportation is more likely. They also know Canada has a more lax border. Canadian...

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Dayton Wants Driver’s Licenses For Illegal Immigrants


Despite being a "strong advocate" for fixing Minnesota driver's licenses in 2015, Governor Dayton is adding another hurdle to passage of the Real ID bill: driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. I always thought if someone broke the law, there would be consequences, not accommodation. Driving is a privilege, not a constitutional right. Even when it comes to legal citizens. In the Minnesota Driver’s Manual, Public Safety Commissioner Ramona Dohman says driving is a “privilege,” and there are “state laws, rules, and techniques to follow in order to drive safely and legally in Minnesota.” According to Dayton, unlicensed immigrants are driving on the roads "without...

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A Day Without Immigrants?


The Star Tribune headlines: "Many Twin Cities businesses closing Thursday for 'Day Without Immigrants' protest." A growing number of restaurants and other businesses across the Twin Cities will close Thursday in solidarity with a national protest dubbed “Day Without Immigrants.” The one-day protest organized through social media urges immigrants not to attend work, open their businesses, spend money or send their children to school in reaction to President Trump over his immigrant policies. What "immigrant policies" are those? The Strib is missing a key word: illegal. That word appears nowhere in the article. The idea is to send a message that the “country is...

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