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By fighting the removal of the state and local tax deduction, Minnesota Democrats show that tax rates do matter

The fuss about the SALT deduction shows what Minnesota's Congressional Democrats really think. Talking about yanking up tax rates on the rich is one thing. Actually paying them is another. Actions speak louder than words, and in their defense of SALT Minnesota's Congressional Democrats are saying loud and clear "No new tax"....

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There is no ‘race to the bottom’ in states reducing their capital taxes

New research shows that it isn't intra-state competition that has been driving capital taxes down, but changes in tax rates and input costs abroad, U.S. macroeconomic conditions, the capital income share, and technology. When setting tax rates, policymakers in St Paul will have to take these factors into account. ...

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St. Paul Mayor Proposes More Transparent Budget After City Loses Landmark Case

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman proposed a budget that dramatically reduces road maintenance fees and raises property taxes by an equally dramatic 23.9 percent.  The fee reduction and property tax increase are largely offsetting. The city is making this big revenue shift because St. Paul recently lost a legal challenge by two downtown St. Paul churches.  In that landmark case, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled the road maintenance fee was in fact a tax and, as a tax, needed to follow constitutional requirements on taxation. American Experiment helped win that case by filing an amicus brief on behalf of the churches.  We...

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