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Research finds consumers pay for corporate taxes through high retail prices

Corporate taxes is one way that state and federal governments collect tax revenue. It is one of the most important factors businesses consider when deciding production location. In the United states, each state levies corporate taxes differently and some states do not levy corporate taxes. Depending on how they are levied, corporate taxes have been found to influence location decisions of businesses. Corporate taxes may also affect the rate of business formation in an area. Not much focus is however given as to how corporate taxes affect consumers. But economic theory asserts consumers pay for some part of most taxes levied...

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In 2017 Half of Taxpayers Paid 97% of all Federal Income Taxes

The IRS (internal Revenue Service) has released data on individual income for the the tax year 2017. The data shows that the U.S tax system continues to be progressive with high income earners contributing the most to tax revenue. Moreover, the share of taxes for the 1% rose as their reported taxable income also rose. This is contrary to the popular view that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes....

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