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The already weak case for hiking taxes on Minnesotans just got weaker

On Friday, the Department of Minnesota Management and Budget reported revenue that was $489 million higher in April than had been projected. As the Star Tribune reported, Personal and corporate income tax receipts drove the April windfall, with individual income taxes $388 million above forecast. Corporate taxes were up $133 million. "We advise against making long-term policy decisions based on one month of receipts," counseled MMB Commissioner Myron Frans. Sensible, but April is when most income tax payments are made, so this update is more important than others. And, for the year, tax receipts are now $573 million higher than anticipated, or...

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This is a Whopper: Minnesota’s HQ2 Amazon bid was lost in the Cloud.

Minnesota’s HQ2 bid is subject to transparency laws. So why didn’t the State release the bid back in 2017? Apparently, Governor Dayton did not think taxpayers had the right to see what was promised to Amazon. When a small non-profit (Public Record Media) sued to get a copy of the bid, the State claimed that it did not possess a copy of the bid. ...

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