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Gov. Dayton is wrong, the tax bill is not a giveaway for corporations

When Governor mark Dayton vetoed the tax bill last week, one of the reasons he gave was that “This bill is cake to the rich and big corporations and crumbs to people who need it.” In fact, while the bill contains steps in the right direction, they are only small ones. They are certainly not the handouts to corporate fat cats Gov. Dayton claims they are. ...

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Welfare Fraud Supporting Extravagant Lifestyles and Terror Abroad: MN Senate Calls for Investigation  

This investigation, focused primarily on welfare payments for child care, is just getting started. A former DHS investigator says the PCA Medicaid program fraud is much worse. The allegation is that as much as $100 million in welfare cash has left via MSP. Unlimited amounts of cash can be taken out of the U.S. as long as a form is submitted to customs. ...

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Duluth Businesses Clash With Tax Assessor

Evidently government bean counters in St. Louis County have taken a page out of Hennepin County assessors' playbook. We recently noted the record number of complaints by Minneapolis property owners over the sky-high increases in their valuation for the purposes of taxation. Property assessments in Duluth have also shot up, the Duluth News Tribune reports, provoking similar outrage. Sandy Hoff, president of F.I. Salter Real Estate Services, has fielded many questions from distraught clients in recent days. "My phone's been ringing off the hook," he said. In many cases, he said it's tough to square the assessed values with the actual prices downtown buildings...

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Minnesota’s House tax bill is a step in the right direction, but a small one

The House tax bill, passed last night, is an improvement on the Governor's tax hike. But for all the talk of tax cuts, this is really only proposing to keep the tax burden on Minnesotans at about the current level. Our state is one of the most heavily taxed in the country. Even after the proposed rate cuts, that will still be the case. To improve our state's lackluster economic performance, our policymakers will need to take bolder steps to reduce the tax burden on Minnesotans. ...

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Minneapolis Residents Revolt Over Skyrocketing Property Valuations

Leftists often say they're happy to pay taxes. So why the outrage from hundreds of residents in the reliably one party city of Minneapolis suddenly flooding City Hall with complaints about their skyrocketing property tax assessments? The backlash caught the attention of the Star Tribune.   Concerns about unjustified real estate tax hikes have contributed to more than 1,386 property owners disputing the city’s market-price assessments, according to the city. That’s an 83 percent increase from 2017 and more than four times the number filed in 2013. Joann Greenwell, a retired Minneapolis schoolteacher, filed an appeal after the assessed value of her roughly 1,000-square-foot rambler in...

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Happy Tax Freedom Day Minnesota!

It is finally Tax Freedom Day in Minnesota, eight days after the national day. Every time in those last eight days that you have dragged yourself out of bed, commuted to work, put in a shift, and commuted back home again, that has been the price you have paid for having a state government which taxes us at above the national average. That is the real burden of Big Government. ...

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