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Austin Pushes Businesses to the Brink with Potential 15 Percent Levy Hike

Minnesota's high income and business taxes put our state near the top of the least taxpayer friendly states in the union. But some local tax levy rates can be just as onerous, even in Greater Minnesota. Tonight, for example, the Austin City Council will consider approving a nearly 16 percent hike in the local levy. Much of the burden falls on small business owners, who told the Austin Daily Herald they're already stretched to the breaking point. Randall Fett currently owns 12 commercial properties in Downtown Austin. Some of his tenants include George’s Pizza, Rydjor Bike Shop and Heartman Insurance. And like some...

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If billionaires want the government to have more of their money, why not just give it to them?

"I'm a billionaire. Please raise my taxes" So wrote Tom Steyer, president of the left wing advocacy organization NextGen America in an op-ed for the LA Times last year. But the U.S. Treasury will gratefully accept any gift that Mr. Steyer and any other 'patriotic millionaires' want to give it. If he wants to give more money to the federal government he can do so and he can do it today. ...

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State “IT” Services: Legislative Auditor Releases Report Detailing Serious Mismanagement, Disregard for Legal Requirements

Our state government is not good at managing simple IT functions; our confidential data is not secure, we are paying for services that we are not receiving in a timely or cost-efficient manner, and consulting companies, hired by the state, are robbing the public blind while delivering failed products. This calls for a complete overhaul starting with the next administration. ...

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