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Rochester City Council’s Big Pay Raise Leads to Big Campaign Issue

The big pay increase the Rochester City Council bestowed on itself and Mayor Kim Norton last winter raised eyebrows even in prosperous Med City. The council's initial proposal to double the mayor's salary and bump their own paychecks 140 percent led to a backlash against city hall just before Christmas. In its wisdom city council members scaled back to more modest high double-digit percentage raises for themselves ($21,712 to $39,420), the city council president ($27,743 to $47,300) and mayor ($37,657 to $65,700). Problem solved? Not exactly. The clumsy way in which the council awarded themselves quantum pay raises their constituents could...

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Department of Vehicles Services in Hot Water Again for Late License Tabs

The more things change, the more they remain the same at the Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services. Once again the DMV has failed to provide one of the most basic services Minnesotans rely on state government for in a timely manner. As a result, thousands of residents who've paid for their license tab renewal stickers have been left hanging, according to the Star Tribune. Mike McClure mailed his license tab renewal form and fee to the Minnesota Department of Vehicle Services (DVS) in mid-May and expected to have new stickers before his current tabs expired May 31. His check was cashed, but...

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