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Anti-body testing shows Covid-19 is less deadly than previously thought

Understandably, infection fatality rates are different depending on demographics. Persons with underlying health conditions and the elderly are still at a huge risk compared to some others. But antibody testing should give a more clear understanding of the risks the majority of the population faces and therefore guide reopening decisions....

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Poll: Coronavirus Restrictions Led to Widespread Delay of Medical Care

The full extent of the unintended consequences of the suspension of many medical services during the shutdown due to the coronavirus may never be known. But a Kaiser Family Foundation national poll provides a snapshot of the widespread impact of the suspension of co-called elective surgeries and other procedures in combination with public hesitance to enter medical facilities. As the coronavirus threat ramped  up  in March, hospitals,  health systems and private practices  dramatically reduced inpatient, nonemergency services to prepared for an influx of COVID-19 patients.  A poll released Wednesday reveals that the emptiness of medical care centers may also reflect the...

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CDC Guidelines for Reopening Schools Have Some Parents Concerned

As school districts await guidance on what it will take to reopen classrooms this fall, students may not be there to fill them. Polls are showing many parents are considering at-home learning options when lockdowns end, and CDC's newly released recommendations for school reopenings have some parents concerned. ...

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How Covid-19 might make the affordable housing problem worse

Under the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen existing problems being magnified. For instance, with states imposing stay at home orders; issues have emerged with housing. States like California, have had to grapple with how to protect their homeless while keeping them safe. With increasing unemployment, there is a possibility individuals will not be able to afford housing. With the Covid-19 induced recession, there is a high probability people may not be able to afford rental payments. Construction may also fall due to a drop-down in overall investments to the economy. Considering that a lot of sectors of the economy will have to...

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Could Cities’ Extended Emergency Orders for Coronavirus Undermine 2020 Elections?

Minnetrista City Councilor Shannon Bruce poses a timely question on her personal blog. Why does a small suburb of the Twin Cities need to continue to invoke emergency powers authority because of the coronavirus, particularly with the state winding down restrictions? Head scratcher? Not really. Are you wondering why, as we all are, Minnetrista has an “indefinite” emergency order (it never expires) when the city has had no staff or first responders test positive for COVID19, has taken no measures since implementing the order in March that would have required an emergency order, nor had any significant expenses for federal reimbursement...

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