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Manufacturing companies are starting to see more job losses

A lot of states are experiencing tremendous job loss due to the economic shutdown. In the beginning most of these job losses were concentrated in the service industry. But the manufacturing sector is starting to feel a squeeze from the shutdown. Manufacturing companies are temporarily cutting employment for sustainability or permanently cutting their workforce. Manufacturing has been hurt by both loss of business and also the high level of uncertainty surrounding the lockdown. Minnesota Manufacturing  Minnesota manufacturing companies are experiencing a worse downturn caused by the virus. Manufacturing companies are now laying off employee at higher and increasing rates. A sign-maker in Brooklyn...

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The city of Reno might increase recreational fees to cover cost of high minimum wage

The state of Nevada passed a law to increase minimum wage gradually starting with a 75c increase in July. The law raises minimum wage to $11 by 2024 for employees who get health insurance through their employer, and $12 for those who do not.  But this change has presented extra cost of $2.7 million that has to be covered in the Reno`s parks and recreation budget for the next 5 years. The parks and recreation department needs to raise the wages of the lifeguards and coaches they employ....

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English Language Classes for Cambria Workers Catching on at Other Companies

A program pioneered by the countertop manufacturer Cambria to offer English language classes to help immigrant workers better succeed at work and in society has become a model for both public and private sector employers. The Star Tribune recently profiled a Cambria employee named Baltazar Ruiz whose challenges with English still held him back years after immigrating legally to Minnesota--until he took advantage of the company's language course offered on the job. Cambria had an ambitious goal: make sure all of its 300 foreign-born workers at the 650-worker factory could read and write English at an eighth-grade level or above. The...

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Closing the skills gap is a more effective way to increase people’s income than raising the minimum wage

The job sector is facing two issues: (1) employers cannot find qualified individuals to fill positions in their companies (2) individuals do not qualify for high paying high skilled jobs. The solution to both of these is to not force companies to pay unskilled workers much more than they are worth. Instead efforts should be used to close skills gap and make sure job seekers have opportunities to acquire technical skills that are more valuable in the workplace....

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