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The city of Reno might increase recreational fees to cover cost of high minimum wage

The state of Nevada passed a law to increase minimum wage gradually starting with a 75c increase in July. The law raises minimum wage to $11 by 2024 for employees who get health insurance through their employer, and $12 for those who do not.  But this change has presented extra cost of $2.7 million that has to be covered in the Reno`s parks and recreation budget for the next 5 years. The parks and recreation department needs to raise the wages of the lifeguards and coaches they employ....

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Vermont governor is right about the negative consequences of raising minimum wage

Despite S.23’s good intentions, the reality is there are too many unintended consequences and we cannot grow the economy or make Vermont more affordable by arbitrarily forcing wage increases. I believe this legislation would end up hurting the very people it aims to help....

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