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In The Tank (Ep220) Mostly Baby Yoda And Some Other Mildly Interesting Stuff, Too

Hello! In this week's edition of  the In The Tank Podcast, Isaac is joined by Donny and Justin of the Heartland Institute to talk about Heartland's recent poll with Rasmussen on socialism, free speech, and climate change. We also talk a lot about Baby Yoda. https://soundcloud.com/user-694711047/in-the-tank-ep220-full-socialism-survey-and-of-course-baby-yoda?in=user-694711047/sets/in-the-tank-podcast...

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Sunday Funnies: Germany is Building New Coal Plants

Germany is often (wrongly) touted as an example for Minnesota to follow in terms of energy policy despite the fact that Germans pay three times higher electricity rates and emissions have stayed essentially flat since 2008. Hopefully more Minnesotans will begin to understand the failure of German energy policy and that this realization will allow us to change course in our own energy policy. ...

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I’m Thankful for Your Generosity

This is going to be short and sweet, but I'm thankful for all the support our readers give us to help American Experiment to keep fighting the good fight to make sure that Minnesotans have access to affordable, reliable sources of energy, and help stop really bad ideas like banning the use of natural gas for home heating. In the energy space, we are competing against groups that get millions of dollars from places like the McKnight Foundation. On the other hand, American Experiment is truly a grassroots movement competing against groups that get more money than our entire budget just...

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In The Tank (Ep218) – Reaction to Capitalism vs. Socialism Soho Forum Debate

Hello! Heartland's Donald Kendal, Justin Haskins and Jim Lakely present episode 218 of the In The Tank Podcast. This weekly podcast features discussions that explore the work of think tanks across the country. In this socialism-centric episode, the trio talk about the recent Soho Forum debate between Richard D. Wolff and Gene Epstein on the topic of socialism vs. capitalism. They also give a sneak preview of data from an upcoming Rasmussen survey about socialism and authoritarianism. https://soundcloud.com/user-694711047/in-the-tank-ep218-reaction-to-capitalism-vs-socialism-soho-forum-debate?in=user-694711047/sets/in-the-tank-podcast...

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In The Tank (Ep216) – American Greatness, A Cold Civil War, Powering Our World

Heartland’s Jim Lakely takes over as host this week for Episode 216 of the In The Tank Podcast and interviews Ben Boychuk, managing editor of the conservative journal American Greatness and a fellow at the Center on American Greatness. They discuss the founding mission of the site, and how they came to embrace the policies of Donald Trump before just about any national organization or publication. Jim and Ben, a long-time friend, also talk about whether America is close to an inevitable decline, whether we really are in the middle of a Cold Civil War, and the best book Ben...

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Sunday Funnies: “Dad Tax” On Candy Forecasted For Record High This Halloween

The following story originally appeared at thedad.com: Halloween is a beloved holiday for children across the nation, but this Halloween will bring a little less joy than normal, as the “dad tax” on Halloween candy is projected to be at record highs this season. “Yeah, um, I think it has to do with like, inflation or something?” said local dad Austin Gordon, who was salivating at the anticipation of a serious fun-size Snickers influx into his life. Experts say the economy, along with “epic” improvements in the confection industry, are to blame for the sharp increase. “There are actually some very sound economic principles...

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In The Tank (Ep215) – Alarmists rain on Halloween, Warren’s M4A Plan

Heartland's Donald Kendal and Justin Haskins present episode 215 of the In The Tank Podcast. This weekly podcast features discussions that explore the work of think tanks across the country. They're also briefly joined by Isaac Orr, of Center of the American Experiment. Why is it that climate alarmists always propose ideas that couldn't possibly have public support? This time it is the suggestion that the government should ban Halloween candy to cut down on candy wrapper waste. Donald and Justin weigh in with their theories. Later, Justin dissects Elizabeth Warren's plan to pay for Medicare for All. Spoiler: get ready...

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