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Trump’s Energy Policies Bode Poorly for Putin

Is Donald Trump in fact a Russian agent? In my opinion, the energy policies he's enacted make that implausible. President Trump is the exact opposite of his predecessor on energy policy. Where Obama sought to impede the production of American coal, oil, and natural gas, President Trump has sought to achieve "energy dominance" by approving the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines, several natural gas pipelines. leasing land for mineral exploration, lifting onerous Obama-era regulations on the electricity sector, and approving liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals to ship American natural gas all over the world. These efforts have paid dividends, as...

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The World Is Getting Better, Declares Op-Eds in Leading Newspapers

Despite all the doom and gloom among environmental activists, there is astoundingly little evidence to support their claims that the world is getting worse and worse all the time. The following article was featured at The human prospect is better than ever, declared a spate of op-eds as 2019 started. All I can say is: Welcome to the real world—I'm glad you guys have caught up. "The World Is Getting Quietly, Relentlessly Better," headlined TheWall Street Journal's economics commentator, Greg Ip. "Why 2018 Is the Best Year in Human History!" exclaimed New York Timescolumnist Nicholas Kristof. Washington Post columnist David Von Drehle warned: "Don't fall for...

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Yes, It’s True, You Are Turning Into Your Parents

The following article was originally published in the Star Tribune. With so many family gatherings this time of year, many of us notice that our siblings are turning into our parents — and that some of our partners’ and friends’ kids are turning into their parents. It’s no illusion. As scientists have learned from “nature vs. nurture” studies on twins and adoptees, we humans become more like our biological parents and other family members as we get older. This is a little scary. It’s not that we don’t love the anxious relative who can’t enjoy a holiday dinner because her stuffing wasn’t perfect,...

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American Experiment Seeks Full-Time Communications Director

The new year offers a new opportunity for a full-time communications director to join our team at Center of the American Experiment. 2019 promises to be a banner year as the Center gears up to help inform more Minnesotans than ever on the issues that matter most to our state. Communications Director--Center of the American Experiment--Golden Valley, MN Center of the American Experiment is Minnesota’s think tank. Its mission is to change Minnesota’s civic culture by promoting free-market, limited government policies. In addition to writing and commissioning papers, holding public meetings, and informing legislators, the Center engages in an aggressive outreach program...

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New ‘Miracle Foods’ Arrive; But What About The Old Ones?

People love their food fads. I remember Snackwell cookies, which were touted as being better for people because they were low fat. Turns out, they were still packed with calories and did next to nothing to reduce weight gain. In fact, because these cookies were considered healthier than the alternative, high-fat cookies, people ate more of them because they felt less guilty about eating them. In the end, people ate more cookies and gained more weight. This phenomenon is actually called the Snackwell Effect. Although Snackwell has seen its 15 minutes of fame come and go, there always seems to be a scientifically...

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St. Paul Library Goes Fine Free But It Could Cost You

The St. Paul Public Library let tens of thousands of delinquent card holders who owed fines for overdue books off the hook just in time for Christmas. The freebie fulfills one of Mayor Melvin Carter's campaign promises at the cost of more than $200,000 in uncollected fines. But critics say the feel-good gesture sends the wrong message to those who use the city service, according to the Pioneer Press account. The fine forgiveness has irked some traditionalists, who consider paying library fines a rite of passage and a mark of responsibility for young people. It also required the city to find $215,000 to offset...

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ASCH: The Scientifically Ignorant Drive GMO Debate

The following article was originally at the American Council on Science and Health. How can you identify a scientifically ignorant person? Ask him if he's concerned about the health effects of GMOs. If the answer is yes, you've identified somebody who probably couldn't pass an 8th grade science test. Too harsh? Not according to Pew, which just released the results of a survey that showed that 49% of Americans said GMOs are bad for your health. Here's the truly jaw-dropping finding (emphasis added): The survey finds a 10-percentage-point increase in the share of adults who say foods with GM ingredients are worse for one's health from...

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Is Minnesota introducing taxation without representation?

Under the proposed Minnesota Health Plan, eight people would be appointed to the new Minnesota Health Board by regional health boards. These eight would then appoint another seven people. Together, these fifteen people would have the power to tax you to pay for this plan. And you wouldn't able to vote them out of office. Isn't that taxation without representation? ...

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