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China Announces Climate Target, The Left Swoons. Rinse Repeat.

Liberal environmentalists are swooning over the fact that China has recently announced that it will be "climate neutral" by 2060. State Representative Jamie Long (DFL) who authored a bill that would require Minnesota to get 100 percent of its electricity from wind, solar, and battery storage by 2050 said China's announcement meant the U.S. was out of excuses and needs to act now. https://twitter.com/Jamiemlong/status/1308768044148088833?s=20 Michael Noble, who is the Exective Director at Fresh Energy called it a BFD (Google it). https://twitter.com/NobleIdeas/status/1308567447780364288?s=20 However, if liberal wind and solar advocates believe China will actually be carbon neutral by 2060, I've got a whole slew of bridges...

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