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Anti-Police Vandals Deface Cop, Firefighter and Soldier Statues in Eagan

This week the Eagan Police Department invited residents of the Twin Cities suburb to an open forum on policing. It was an effort to reach out to those with concerns in the aftermath of the  death of George Floyd in police custody and the massive protests that followed. But this is what the authorities got in response to  their  attempt to find common ground. Vandals  defaced three bronze statues honoring a policeman protecting a young girl, a fire fighter and a soldier respectively outside the city's community center. The initials "BLM" presumably representing the radical Black Lives Matter group were spray-painged on...

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The Truth About Crime, Race and Policing in America

Yesterday American Experiment hosted Heather Mac Donald for an online presentation on the conjunction of crime, race and policing, a topic on which Heather is acknowledged to be the country's leading expert. Her presentation is a comprehensive refutation of the myth of "systemic bias" in policing. The data prove the opposite. Here is yesterday's program, in its entirety: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbMkYZGFVw0&feature=emb_logo...

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SURRENDER: How Minneapolis voluntarily relinquished its streets to a mob of vandals, thieves, and arsonists

The video of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on Memorial Day is sickening. There is no way that arresting a man for an alleged minor infraction should involve a police officer putting his knee on that man’s neck for nearly eight minutes while he cries out, “I can’t breathe” and then goes silent. The police are there to maintain law and order and protect the public. Those laws apply to the police, and George Floyd was a member of that public. George Floyd’s death was bound to provoke a strong reaction, especially as relations between police and African Americans have been...

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New Duluth Superintendent Aims to Keep Police Resource Officers in Schools

Duluth's new superintendent of schools John Magas has hit the ground running in his first month on the job, considering it's still uncertain whether students will be physically present at the start of the new school year this fall.  But if they are, Magas has made it clear that he expects school resource police officers to be on campus as well, despite a vocal campaign underway to remove police officers from Duluth schools. While having only one school board meeting under his belt thus far, Magas isn't shying away from the controversial SRO issue with the Duluth News Tribune reporting the...

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Research finds that high minimum wage rates disproportionately hurt African-American men

Minnesota is one of 21 states whose minimum wage rate is higher than the federal rate. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are on track to hike it to $15 an hour. Given the apparent negative impact of high rates on the employment of black men, might these not be some part of our state's racial disparities?...

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Gov. Walz pushes expanded ‘Ban the box’ laws which research shows negatively impact the employment prospects of young black and Latino men

Research shows that 'Ban the box' laws increase callback rates for people with criminal records at the cost of reducing the likelihood that employers call back or hire young black and Latino men. So, do we persist with these laws because their intentions are noble, or do we junk them because their outcomes are harmful?...

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The Sorrows of Minneapolis: A Prayer for Our City

When our hearts are filled with pain, despair, and anguish; and the path forward is so unclear; the best first step is prayer.  As George Floyd's memorial service is nearing its end today, here is a tremendous contribution by John Piper, who served as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church for 33 years.  Audio of Piper's prayer is available here. Almighty and merciful Father, Hallowed be your name in Minneapolis. Revered, admired, honored — above every name, in church, in politics, in sports, in music, in theater, in business, in media, in heaven or in hell. May your name, your absolute reality, be...

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The Death of George Floyd and the Events Thereafter

George Floyd died on May 25 after being arrested by Minneapolis police officers near the intersection of Chicago Ave South and 38th Street. The incident, caught on camera by bystanders, shows chilling footage of Floyd on the ground while the officer continues to restrain Floyd by pushing his knee into Floyd's neck. George Floyd passed away shortly after the arrest, sparking worldwide outrage that turned into protests and riots. In Minneapolis, peaceful protests by day turned into looting and riots by night. Fires erupted, glass shattered, and people's livelihoods and life savings went up in smoke. Here is the full video...

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What Happens to Dozens of Minority-Owned Businesses Destroyed in Riots?

It remains a mystery why Gov. Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter essentially stood by and allowed rioters to take control of huge swaths of the Twin Cities on four consecutive nights before deploying the necessary force to quash the violence on May 30. Little did Minnesotans realize they needed to take Walz literally when he repeatedly said at his media briefings that he was watching the rampage on TV with the rest of us. We'll probably never know how many businesses and organizations that existed to serve inner city neighborhoods have been destroyed in...

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Walz Close to Naming Ellison Special Prosecutor in Floyd Case

At the media update on the state's belated crackdown on looting and rioting in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Gov. Tim Walz dropped a potential bombshell on the legal front. The governor acknowledged he's strongly considering taking the unprecedented step of replacing Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in the prosecution of the Minneapolis police officers involved in George Floyd's arrest and death in custody and appointing controversial Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison as special prosecutor in his place. "I can just tell you at this point in time no decision has been made," Walz told reporters. "But certainly, as we’re saying, it...

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